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marijuana seeds ideal for southern canada

As the seasons change in autumn the light in the sky drops to around 12 hours a day. This is when most varieties of cannabis start to flower, and why even the indoors light cycle looks like it does.

In Canada, you ’ ll receive your seeds from Rocket Seeds in unique strain packaging and it takes 5-7 business days in North America. Free shipping is only applied to orders over $200. Rocket Seeds accepts multiple payment methods including credit cards, bitcoin, and Paypal.

So, what does it mean to be “ licensed seed or seedlings”?

How to Check Quality of Marijuana Seeds

Q: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Q: Are seed banks legit?

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The ILGM seed banks accepts bitcoin, credit cards, cash, and bank transfers. For a 10 percent discount buy your seeds with Bitcoin.

those are good suggestions i have not come across those from greenthumb and i will check them out and thanks for the help both of you!

Where abouts in Ontario?? South of Toronto you have alot of freedom and can usually grow till just about Haloween which makes widows and skunks etc doable..
You might actually want to stay away from hardcore indicas unless they’re genetically good against mold due to the potential dampness..
Here are some numbers I recall regarding frost potential.. Based on 30yrs data there is only a 10% chance frost will strike after the spring date, or before the fall date..

Dr Greenthumb is an Ontario breader, beans bred for your climate.

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Iranian Short Season
: fast flowering pheno of Endless Sky – finishes in August in Canada, super potent indica stone, 100% of the potency of Endless Sky, 25% less yield than Endless Sky.

Endless Sky
: 6 weeks flower, super potent indica stone, 500 g/m2

thanx for the help!


Texada Timewarp
: Vancouver Island commercial strain, the most potent marijuana I’ve ever had (grown in the Rockies though – Hawaii factor), grows up to 12′ out doors, very resilient .

Barrie 5/26 9/16
Hamilton 4/29 10/15
Kingston 5/2 10/10
London 5/9 10/8
Ottawa 5/6 10/5
Owen Sound 5/12 10/15
Parry Sound 5/17 9/28
Peterborough 5/18 9/20
St. Catherines 5/2 10/17
Sudbury 5/17 9/25
Thunder Bay 6/1 9/15
Timmins 6/8 9/6
Toronto 5/9 10/6
Windsor 4/25 10/22