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THC Range:


Parents of I49 CBD + 1:20:



CBD Range:

Don’t be fooled by our simple branding. This strain is sure to please. With 20:1 CBD to THC ratio and a maximum THC range of 0.3% to 0.8%. I49 CBD is a high quality reasonably priced seed that can be used to produce medical marijuana seeds with high cbd and low thc. Don’t be fooled by snake oil CBD products, get I49 High Cbd Seeds for sale online from I49!

Mint, Lemon, Pine

Hence choosing the right seed determines the result of all your efforts and time that you put to harvest the plant. You can buy weed seeds on sale online or from physical stores too.

Delivery to European Countries – 3 – 7 days

GYO seed bank is a privately-owned online cannabis retailer that commenced operations in the year 2015. GYO is an acronym for Grow Your Own seed bank.

However, a few places in the world have legalised marijuana for medical purposes. These places are mainly in North America. While they are not sold openly in the department stores, quite a few online websites sell weed seeds in the continent. These websites are seed banks that sell hundreds of weed seeds of different marijuana plants. Anyone who is older than 21 can go on these websites and order weed seeds of their choice and grown them indoors or outdoors themselves.

If you are on the journey to grow your own marijuana plant, then seed selection is a major part of it. If you want to reap the best then the age of the seeds would matter a lot. The age of the seed would determine the health and the yield of the plant you will grow.

The GG4 is a great choice for novice growers looking to cultivate a sedating, flavorful strain. GG4 is well-known for its bushy growth making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore the screen of green technique in a limited space. It does not have specific nutrient needs but offers its users a strong euphoria.

Cinex is a sativa dominant strain offering high-energy euphoria that feeds creativity and productivity. It is best grown in smaller spaces using the SCROG technique.

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I ordered 12 seeds at a cost of $142.00. The seeds took a long time to get to me. When they did arrive there were only 8 seeds and a small piece of paper with not much on it, so I did not pay it much attention. By the time I contacted i49 the trash had gone out and the few seeds I had I planted. When i49 got back to me they wanted proof of what I was saying but I couldn't produce it. They did not offer to look up my order or anything else. Without "proof" they would not talk to me. Oh by the way of the 8 seeds I did get only 6 germinated. With this kind of customer service I will be looking for someone else to buy my seeds from in the future. Before you buy read their entire website to see where stand. LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

God is Gooood!

Again, thank you for the feedback and we hope to be able to meet your expectations next time.

Good job could of got some free seed with my purchase over a hundred.

Both strains arrived on time. Germination was 10/12. All are growing great. Autos just started flowering.