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marijuana seeds how wet is too wet

If growing in amended organic soil, it is not recommended to flush plants. This is because the soil already holds all the nutrients the plant needs to thrive, and by flooding the soil you can wash away and damage the complex ecosystem that you’ve worked hard to develop.

Although setting up a simple water-catching system can be inexpensive, there is still some start-up capital required. Water that has been collected either by rain or by reuse will also need to be filtered and stored properly, requiring filter systems and specially graded storage containers built to withstand the elements without risk of contamination or breaking.

Flushing marijuana plants before harvest

Bottled water also has a big negative impact on the environment, in the resources needed to create containers for the water and resources needed to transport the water, such as fuel. Trash is also a consideration with water containers.

Water your marijuana plants as normal when in the flushing phase—don’t let them get too dry or too wet. You especially don’t want to harvest dry or wilting weed plants; they should be nice and healthy when you cut them down.

Water that contains higher quantities of minerals such as calcium or magnesium is called hard water. This type of water has a higher ppm due to the extra dissolved solids in it. Water with less minerals and a lower ppm is called soft water.

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Getting a newly sprouted seedling safely into dirt is one of the major obstacles facing new growers.
You are correct to be concerned that your new gal gets enough but not too much water.

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Thank you to all who reply.

Also what would cause some of the seedlings to die when planted in soil, while others thrive? The environment is the same, everything is the same, so why would some die and some live?

So after sprouting a seedling when planting the little thing into dirt, just how moist should the soil be?