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If your business will include cannabis growing or cultivation, then you are probably wondering how to get your hands on weed seeds. legally. Before taking that step, though, make sure your business has the necessary license to operate legally in your state.

The same is true for buying cannabis seeds in another country. It may sound like a great idea to buy cannabis seeds while visiting one of the world-renowned marijuana seed banks that exist in places such as the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. But when you re-enter the U.S. with your goods, Customs and Border Protection will seize any seeds they find, even if your plane landed in a state where they are legal. Again, it goes back to marijuana being illegal under federal law.

First and Foremost: Know Your State Laws

It is also an option to buy cannabis seeds online from an online seed bank and then have the seeds shipped to you, so long as you are abiding by state law. The risk here is that your package could still be confiscated. While it is unlikely that you would face criminal charges, there is no guarantee because of the way federal law treats marijuana products.

State law governs if and how you can operate your cannabis growing business, and each state takes a slightly different approach. Your state may offer a large number of permits with few prerequisites, a small number of permits with an extensive application process, or something in between.

If you live in a state that permits the sale of marijuana seeds, your best bet is to shop locally for high-quality seeds. This means visiting a dispensary, local farmers market, or seed company in your state to make your purchase. There, you can get the in-person help you need to make your purchase legally.

Hemp is a legal crop in Georgia. The state hemp bill defines hemp as

The Peach State only prohibits CBD and THC-infused food products, but that doesn’t include smokable hemp flower.

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Georgia?

Also, only hemp farmers that are currently in the business are allowed to get hemp licenses. To be more exact, farmers who produced $10,000 worth of “agricultural products” in the previous year.

Unfortunately, there was a general dissatisfaction at the new Georgia hemp law because the state passed some of the most restrictive laws in the nation.

“The production and sale of hemp and hemp products is legal under the Georgia Hemp Farming Act. However, ONLY growers licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) are permitted to grow and process hemp in the state of Georgia.” [ 2 ]

The state is setting up its seed-to-sale system so patients can’t yet purchase low-THC oil in the state of Georgia. They can possess, and eventually purchase, up to 20 fluid ounces of oil with no more than 5% THC.

Georgia marijuana laws allow only medical CBD in the form of extracts high in CBD and low in THC.

Frequently asked questions

It depends. Possession of more than 1 ounce of marijuana is a felony with a penalty of a mandatory minimum of one year in jail and a maximum of 10 years and a $5,000 fine. For specific cases, please consult an attorney.

Most of these conditions must be severe and/or end stage:

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and Georgia Composite Medical Board work together to oversee the patient registry. Patients can obtain a registry card from the DPH with a doctor’s recommendation and payment of a $25 fee. Doctors are required to fill out two forms. Cards are ready for pickup from a public health office within 15 business days; they are valid for two years.