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marijuana seeds from wish

While i was on the topic i saw HEMP SEEDS JUST PAY FOR SHIPPING. so after i looked deeper and searched that i noticed there was ALOT of "Hemp" seeds on there. and i thought there is no freaking way it is real hemp seeds. Even some ads said "Medical cannabis seeds" so i ordered some cheap deals from different stores in case one of then actually sends 200pc Cannabis seeds like it said. and then i began to wait.

So if you wondering about all those ads of hemp seeds, Cannabis seeds, medical Cannabis seeds anything with a cannabis leaf on it its not what it says it is.

Now im happy with my lights and exited to see what these seeds look like so i stop at the post office and check if they have come and this lady walks back to me with a arm full of black bubble wrapped packets and gives me a weird look like : Wtf are you buying so much of from china. i must admit i felt pretty awkward standing there with people looking at me while she processed it all but once i got home i started opening them all and checking they from different stores and so on and I must admit i was kind of pissed off at myself but more sad but every single lil bag of "SEED" was exactly the same. some just had a little bit more of this odd black stuff in it.. I opened the one bag and it smells like molasses but i have no idea what that plants seeds look like. so i still prepped some soil and threw a bunch of it on top and lightly covered it and started to wait and see what if anything grows from it.

So I was bored one day and decided to check out and test the WISH app.

So after about a hour of browsing different things from clothes, tools, accessories. I decided to look for some grow lights and they actually have quite a selection but you have to read the description very carefully as it may seem you getting this amazing bright LED grow light for cheap but its only 3w so yea.
I finally decided to try my luck and order some, the ones i ordered were according to the description 18w and i think two were 3w ( only noticed it after i placed the order. )
But i gave it a go i mean what harm can it do?

It took me quite some time to look for a seed bank in the United States that I could trust. Some of the qualities that I looked for in a seed bank are the following:

Below are the top 5 US seed banks that we have verified and highly recommend:

#2 Crop King Seeds (Top Canadian Seed Banks ship to US)

Seedsman is one of the most reliable and widely trusted cannabis seed banks in the United States. Due to their strict application of beliefs, they guarantee that their breeders are licensed and offer a variety of different cannabis strains. Their site is incredibly easy to use and has customer reviews on each product.

Unfortunately, after the long years of growing marijuana, he decided to stop and walk away from it completely. With all his knowledge of cannabis, he figured that the best way to make use of his knowledge was to share it with others. He soon started a blog about growing marijuana. The blog was composed of posts about everything related to marijuana such as caring for plants, maintaining security, accessing quality seeds, among many others. His blog became a complete hit, soon after a community blossomed.

Watch out for what breeders call “unstable genetics”. Many Seed banks that are unreliable sell these cannabis seeds that have unstable genetics. Before purchasing a pack of seeds, make sure they can identify the seed’s origin. If a breeder is well-experienced, they are most likely able to explain how their seeds were crossed and/or backcrossed. The most important tip here is; if a breeder can’t explain their seed’s history, they are most likely selling a poor quality of seeds.