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marijuana seeds from the 80s

And that’s not the only significant way the Netherlands changed the world of cannabis.

Those first-generation seed merchants didn’t just proliferate classic strains, they also developed new varieties. Soon Neterweed—as the Dutch called their domestically grown cannabis—made Amsterdam’s coffeeshops a dream destination for cannabis enthusiasts of every nation. Many were all-too-delighted to discover they could buy seeds of their favorite strains and smuggle them home as a prized souvenir.

A Rather Sizable Loophole

In the 1970s, Dutch seed banks began producing and distributing untold millions of high quality cannabis seeds. As a result, the Netherlands became the ultimate cannabis melting pot, a literal breeding ground where strains from Afghanistan and Morocco were crossed with strains from Thailand and Mexico, with the best of these hybrids going on to become international sensations once their seeds reached underground growers operating in every corner of the globe.

Not long after Skunkman came Nevil Schoenmakers, who was born in Australia to Dutch parents and moved to the Netherlands in 1976, largely to take part in the city’s cannabis revolution.

To prove that the authorities were totally ignorant regarding cannabis and thus the total illegitimacy of prohibition against it, the Provos created “Marihuettegame,” which consisted of sending police on a series of wild goose chases by calling in anonymous tips on cannabis dealers and hashish parties that didn’t exist. The Provos also revelled in baiting the (unarmed) police into arresting them for something that looked like cannabis but was actually another herb.

So, let’s say you are interested in knowing more about the popular AMS Supreme feminized strain. You would need to cross-check from every row to get the right figures. For instance, if you are interested in knowing the price, you will need to check the price tag, and just like that, you know how much to budget for. With all due honesty, we deserve a pat on the back for coming up with our cannabis seed chart. Also, you can use the AMS cannabis seeds table as a way to compare and contrast a strain with the other. This could mean that you can use different features such as yields, heights, prices, et al. to decide the forge-ahead.

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How to use the AMS Cannabis seed chart

Enough of talking about how it is straightforward to use the AMS cannabis seeds table. Let’s get into the serious business right away. We have sub-divided our weed seeds table into columns and rows. The rows include the name of the strain, its price, the amounts of THC, Indica and Sativa ratios, indoor yield, indoor height, indoor flowering time, the best month to reap the outdoor yields, and the growing difficulty.

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Secondly, we have included every other strain that appears on our “all marijuana strains” category into our weed seed chart. This means that even though it is fantastic to rea every cannabis strain-description that appears on our site, the marijuana seed chart is more of a summary on our every cannabis strain.