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marijuana seeds from afghanistan

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Easy to grow indoors or outdoors in warmer climates, this rapid flowering weed weapon won’t keep you waiting either. In 8-9 weeks of bloom, chunky trophy colas of Royal AK will be ready for harvest. Indoor growers can expect about 500g/m² of primo head stash. Best of all, her buds are easy to trim due to her amazing flower to leaf ratio.

Cheese is the UK cannabis strain that took the world by storm and put the Skunk family back in the top-shelf modern marijuana class. Royal Cheese is the RQS re-birth of a legend. True to her Afghan origins, this heavy indica derived from Skunk #1 is a pedigree specimen. She Packs a balanced head-body high, unique Cheese aromas and flavours into a compact package.

Visually, Special Kush 1 is the poster strain for old-school, heavy indicas. Cultivated indoors, she is squat and productive, staying under 1m tall. Flowering will finish in just 7-8 weeks. Outdoors in a hot Mediterranean climate, she can really fill out to reach her full potential. 3m+ plants that can produce up to 500g each are possible. Her rich, earthy-hash flavour and heavy physical effects will convince you she is special indeed.


Indoors, she can yield as much as 650g/m². Plants will climb to about 1.5m in height and ooze sticky buds. However, outdoors in good sunshine, Special Queen 1 can grow to a towering 4m stature and produce in excess of 500g per plant. Easy crop fat stash in 8 weeks or less of bloom with Special Queen 1.

Northern Light is considered by stoners everywhere as a top-shelf, heavy indica strain. Her heritage is somewhat mysterious, but one thing is for sure: Afghan stock was crossed with Thai to create the couchlocking smoke of choice for indica connoisseurs. Just a few tokes of this rich, full-bodied smoke and your eyelids will grow heavy. Northern Light is knockout nighttime stash.

Think that’s a little far out? The possibility that sativa strains were introduced from parts unknown and through climatic and environmental adaptation evolved into indica strains is another credible hypothesis. There are so many possibilities. Too many “unknown knowns” to factor.

If you want the heaviest harvest of hybrid marijuana possible, you need Afghan genetics to bulk up that bud weight. Special Queen 1 is a diverse blend of Afghan, Colombian, Skunk and Mexican cannabis. Not really a diva, rather a space invader. Special Queen 1 delivers a long-lasting, heavy body blow that will sweep you off your feet in large doses.

Afghan can be grown both indoors and outdoors with great results from both methods. Genetics play a major role in the durability of this plant. Originating from a high, dry and windy climate has blessed each and every plant with the ability to flourish nearly anywhere. Considered to be low maintenance, this strain is an ideal teaching tool for novice growers and a staple strain for experienced cultivators. Reaching a stout height of two to three feet with bushy lateral reaching branches it is easily managed and cared for with regular watering, feeding and trimming. Once again the geographical origins of Afghan Fem strain seeds factor heavily into its growth cycle. The harsh climates within which it originated created the necessity of a fast flowering time. Afghan forms large, heavy buds that are coated with crystals making it appear as if it was dusted in confectioners’ sugar. Higher, mountainous regions see shorter amounts of light and experience sudden and often severe weather changes necessitating the need for a faster reproduction time. Generally speaking, the strain flowers in between seven to ten weeks. Patience is a virtue when growing cannabis seeds at home so novice growers will also do well with the shorter flowering times gaining valuable experience in a lessened period of time.

Considering the lengthy history of the strain it has become a prominent parent to a great many of hybrids. Afghan Kush Fem being one of those. The sedative effects are as prominent as the body warming buzz that comes after just a couple puffs. The flavor is similar to hash but with subtle hints of sour fruit and an aroma to match. The difference comes in the growth though, Afghan Kush is known to reach impressive heights of up to three meters outdoors. Sadly, the yields are not as great, often coming in at under one pound when harvested.

Flowering Time

Being a pure indica strain, smokers can expect a full-on body numbing buzz that will put you on the couch with a smile on your face. Make sure you have some snack food close at hand to avoid the unnecessary effort of leaving the couch. A sense of calm, uplifted euphoria envelopes the mind as stress dissipates and depression eases. Afghan is best enjoyed in the evening hours due to its sedative effects and it is also an excellent way to say goodbye to the day with a blissful night’s sleep.

There are legends in this world and then there are icons. The Afghan Fem strain is both of those and more and hardly a cannabis related conversation goes by without some mention of the strain. After all, the genetics of Afghan have proven as durable as the people that inhabit the Hindu Kush mountains, where the strain originates from. This is an original landrace strain meaning that it has no known parental lineages. A true OG if there ever was one. Strangely, Afghan strain has not garnered any major awards of note, however, it is a parent of many award-winning hybrid strains and it remains a very popular strain within the cannabis community. It is as steeped in lore as its country of origin.

Coming full circle, we arrive back at a fast flowering version of the original. Auto Afghan takes ease of growth to the next level. Afghan, Skunk#1 and a Russian Ruderalis went into creating these weed seeds. A slightly higher sativa component than Afghan delivers a lighter sedative effect while still easing pain, stress and anxiety.