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marijuana seeds for vaping

Vaporizers heat cannabis to a carefully controlled temperature, at which the active substances (THC and other cannabinoids) turn into vapour. Since vapour is not the product of burning, it contains no carbon or semi-burned solid material, and thus produces much less tar.

Vaporizing cannabis is finally getting the recognition it deserves. And as vaping gets more popular, better vapes hit the market. We have the best selection of vaporizers, carefully selected to cater to your needs. Whether you vape dry herb or concentrates, there’s a vaporizer for everyone. We offer the classic Volcano desktop cannabis vaporizers, and several sleek portable vapes.

Cannabis vapour is inhaled in the same way as smoke, but without the unhealthy side effects of smoking. Because the THC is released without burning, none of it is lost to overheating (as happens when cannabis is smoked) allowing a given amount of cannabis to be consumed much more efficiently. The ability to use less cannabis to achieve the same effect also makes buying a cannabis vaporizer a sound economic choice.

Vaporizers fall into one of two major categories: portable or desktop. Each group is then split into vaporizers that accommodate various derivatives of cannabis. These include dried herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids. Each one has unique characteristics, with the decision to use one over the other being a matter of personal preference. All derivatives of cannabis are suitable for recreational and medicinal users.

Vaporizers work using two primary heating methods, conduction and convection. Conduction is where plant material is heated via direct contact with the heating element. However, the temperature range provided by vaporizers is significantly below the point of combustion, preventing smoke from being created.

Convection is when air is heated and passed through plant material. Both methods cause the cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter to become isolated so they can be inhaled as a vapor. By adjusting the temperature, it is possible to isolate specific chemical compounds—something you cannot do with a joint or blunt.


Vaporizers require less dried herb for users to experience the same effects, making them an ideal choice for medicinal patients. Recreational marijuana users can also benefit from reduced long-term costs as vaporizers can be recharged and reused without the need for rolling papers, filters, or tobacco.

Ensure you are aware of the laws of your country.

Vaporizers are portable or desktop devices that allow dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids to be heated and inhaled. The difference to smoking is that vaporizers do not burn plant material; instead, vaporizers produce a cloud of vapor. Not only do vaporizers remove the combustion of smoking cannabis, but the vape temperature can be tailored to the user’s tastes, providing a smoother, more terpene-enriched vapor.

Our comprehensive range of portable and desktop vaporizers is suitable for dry herbs, oils, concentrates, and e-liquids. Our vaporizers accommodate all budgets, so everyone can find the perfect vape.

Points to keep in mind

As their name suggests CBD and THC oils are oils which channel the two cannabinoids for which marijuana is best known. CBD oil is steadily moving into the mainstream, essentially the fact that it lacks the psychoactive properties of THC can help to make it more acceptable to lawmakers. It has a variety of health benefits ranging from its ability to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, to providing relief from joint and muscle pain, to minimizing spasms and seizures, including epileptic fits. THC by contrast is best known as an all-around pain reliever and as a means to address mental and emotional conditions, such as PTSD.

The last option are “vape additive” products, which are essentially concentrated solutions designed to be added to your choice of eliquid. These offer maximum flexibility and are an

How to use cannabis oils in a vaporizer

Vaporizers, often known a ecigarettes, have become very popular with tobacco smokers either as a stepping stone to giving up or as a way of continuing to smoke tobacco with fewer harmful effects. Vaporizers can also be used for ingesting CBD and/or THC oil and this has a lot of potential for users who dislike smoking (perhaps finding it to harsh on their throat) but want their medication to act quickly (e.g. to provide immediate pain relief) and therefore can find themselves somewhat frustrated by using cannabutter in food.

The next step up from this is buying pre-filled syringes, which you simply empty into your reusable vaporizer. Again, this is convenient and has the advantage of meaning that you can invest in a high-quality vaporizer for a better overall experience. To ensure that you are getting the best piece of kit for your needs, its always recommended to buy straight from a reputable vape shop such as Vape Superstore.

For simplicity, we’ll just refer to cannabis oils from now on since the procedure for using either oil in a vaporizer is basically the same. The absolute simplest method is simply to buy a disposable vape pen, which you literally use and throw away. While this may be handy for very occasional use, it can work out expensive over the long run and it’s hardly an environmentally-friendly option.

Assuming you have bought high-quality cannabis oil, remember it really is a strong product, particularly if you opt for concentrated oils. We repeat, start very gently and work your way up if you feel you need to.