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marijuana seeds for sale salem oregon

Compound is at the edge of this future, analyzing and breeding for uncommon cannabinoid and terpene combinations, while upholding aroma and flavor as central pillars to the seeds they make.

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Crosses like the Rogue Blue Cheese and Jager OG are created once a year in full sun, as has been Massive’s tradition for decades. The resulting seed lines are an excellent choice for the backyard enthusiast grower, offering a pedigree of full-flavor cultivars bred to resist local pests, as well as survive the inevitable tests of foul weather, while still rivaling the bag appeal of indoor.

Dynasty Genetics

Before Odie Diesel created Oregon Diesel through a happenstance pollination of NYC Diesel by a hermaphroditic Blackberry , the patriarch of multi-generational, father-and-sons medical grow and breeding operation Homegrown Natural Wonders made seeds only sometimes and mostly to keep his garden going.

In a years-long process refining an alternative treatment for a young patient suffering from seizures associated with autism, Dynasty arrived at a chemovar dubbed Divina Obscura —named as such after the young patient’s symptoms improved and she began to advance her communication skills, using a whiteboard to express poetic insights into her inner feelings: “the divine mask,” she one day wrote, which was translated to Latin to reflect the language of miracles.

Archive’s most recent lineup focuses in on the crowd-pleasing Do-Si-Dos as its new stud, and the resulting crosses represent the next frontier of connoisseur fuel.

Dynasty Genetics ’ breeding program dates back to the 1990s when Professor P, Dynasty’s founder and proprietor, began crossing heritage Oregon strains like the Blue Magoo to create flowers with pain-relief properties for a friend. It wasn’t long before the Professor found himself developing cannabis alternatives for a variety of medical conditions.

CBD is all the rage these days and for good reason. Longtime users and historical records show this plant medicine has been used for centuries for pain relief, to lower inflammation and for aiding in relief of menstrual cramps. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Unlike its well-known brother compound THC, CBD does not induce altered states in itself. All of the therapeutic benefits, none of the stoned effects. Of course, many medicinal marijuana users like the combined effects with the immediate reprieve from chronic pain and anxiety from the THC content, with all of the longer lasting and lesser noticed CBD benefits. When buying medical marijuana seeds, choose from ones with very low THC content, to ones with moderate THC and high CBD levels; the varieties offered are as unique as your needs and preferences.

In the most simple of terms, feminized seeds are seeds produced from pollinating a female plant with another female plant’s pollen. Say what?! It’s a highly effective and totally safe scientific method that allows the female plant to grow pollen sacs like a male cannabis plant would, without compromising or modifying the genetics of the plant. The results are plants that produce female seeds! Science rules! The key benefit for you is when you opt for these feminized weed seeds for sale, you are skipping the hassle, not to mention the wasted money, time and energy, of removing male plants before they pollinate your females. Once pollinated, female plants stop producing those glorious sticky icky trichomes we hold so dear. Save time. Save energy. Buy feminized marijuana seeds.

When you choose I49 seed bank as your source for online weed seeds, you can rest easy knowing that you are purchasing from a respected and reputable company, one that prides themselves in sourcing the highest quality seeds available. New and returning customers agree that I49 has a great selection of autoflower, feminized, CBD and high THC seeds; the rave reviews speak for themselves. You can easily peruse the online cannabis seed bank from the comfort of your home, taking time to read the descriptions and growing recommendations on each seed to find the perfect fit for your needs. Prefer sativa seeds over indica? I49 has you covered with a variety of 420 seeds online.

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

When you have limited outdoor grow seasons, small spaces for an indoor grow, or just want to utilize your space to the maximum extent, choose autoflower seeds for your home grow. They begin their flowering process as soon as germination begins, regardless of the lighting cycles they’re in. More stocky in stature than other plants, autoflowers rarely hit 3 feet tall, making them the perfect stealthy addition to your veggie and herb garden, or your limited grow space indoors. From germination to harvest, autoflowers hit their full cycle in as little as 10 weeks. Look through I49 seeds online to find the very best autoflower varieties to fit your personal setup.

Preparing yourself to join the Salem Summer Art Fair & Festival? Blaze up a bowl of your finest buds grown from these white widow seeds and you’ll be creating your next masterpiece in no time. At the very least, you’ll be creating something; art is always up for interpretation, so get grown and get going!

While some states limit the sale of seeds to grow marijuana as novelty items only, the State of Oregon has legalized personal possession and cultivation of cannabis and cannabis products for adults over the age of 21. Limits for possession are one ounce in public places or up to 8 ounces at home or in private. Cultivation limits for personal use in Oregon are up to ten cannabis seeds and four flowering plants per household.

After chasing the kids around Riverfront Park and Carousel, or perhaps an exhilarating day with the fam at the Enchanted Forest Theme Park, winding down the evening with some glorious buds you harvested from your wedding cake seeds will melt that draining day away. Best used in the evening, this strain is a great choice for those with MS, Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain as well as insomnia. Puff, Puff, Pass out.