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marijuana seeds for sale nj

Making its name-sake proud, the growth of this plant is also a sight to see. The tall plant moves quickly through the vegetation process and will produce large colorful buds in no time. You’ll notice tons of crystal clear trichomes and tiny orange hairs.

The female plant dies as the seeds start to mature. They then drop from the plant and turn into completely new cannabis plants. And the lifecycle of the cannabis seed continues.

The THC content on this variety hovers right around 16%. You can expect euphoric undertones that are effective at treating headaches and reducing stress.

Sweet Tooth

Citrus, pine, and fresh flavors are almost as strong as their effects. The name comes from the white resinous trichomes that cover the leaves at the peak of germination.

When you’re ready to take things one step further, try mixing White Widow and Crystal Meth cannabis seeds (not to be confused with the illicit, and very dangerous methamphetamine drug).

As the laws surrounding marijuana use become laxer, more people are trying to grow their own weed at home. In order to do this, you need quality cannabis seeds.

The Northern Lights are a gorgeous sight to see that doesn’t disappoint. This hybrid strain is no different. Its woody-citrus flavors are sure to remind you of the great outdoors.

All cannabis seeds are cultivated locally and harvested recently to ensure the highest germination rates possible. We also provide free exchanges guaranteed!

The best way to select the right strains is to decide which medical effects you desire would help treat your ailments or condition.

Marijuana Clones

We flower verify all of our strains and guarantee the most potent phenotypes to grow the highest quality medicine – you’ll appreciate the difference!

An agreed upon donation total is given to patients before completing orders over the phone. All that is needed at the time of pick-up is:
1) Physician Statement or marijuana card;
2) Picture ID ; and
3) Donation ; no exceptions.

If feel more comfortable calling The Strainbank to place an order, go ahead reach out to us each day of the week, including holidays!