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Smokers love 3 Kings because it’s fast-acting, hard-hitting, and feels like a peaceful wave coming over your whole body. While feeling deeply relaxed, your mind will still be able to focus and concentrate on other activities and tasks. The effects of this strain come on smooth and gradual and leave the same way. You may not even realize how high you truly are until you stop and think. If there are any pregnant marijuana smokers out there, 3 Kings can help curb feelings of nausea.

3 Kings marijuana seeds are often labeled the trifecta of the marijuana world. They’re a mix Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, making this strain a sativa-dominant hybrid great for daytime use. Consumers call this strain a genetic masterpiece and look for it wherever they can. The medical world highly benefits from 3 Kings as it’s a great painkiller and an effective remedy for stress and anxiety. 3 Kings gives off deep relaxation and pain relief without any sedative effects, which is why many choose to smoke it during the day rather than at night as a sleep aid.

When planted and germinated, 3 Kings marijuana seeds have a very royal appearance, being coated in white frost that looks heavenly and angelic. The aroma from these plants is tangy and sour. 3 Kings plants come with sage green buds that stand out against its white coat. Our grow room will smell outdoorsy and like pine trees in no time!


3 Kings is a sativa-dominant trifecta made up of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. This strain is great for curbing pain and nausea.

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Description: 3 Kings is a sativa-dominant trifecta made up of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. This strain is great for curbing pain and nausea.

Rocket Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank, with faith and trust, you purchase marijuana seeds. In Rocket Seeds, together with safe and quick distinct delivery strategies, we offer the best quality cannabis seeds for sale at fair costs. We’re fortunate to counsel and represent clients globally as a multinational seed bank, offering our expertise and knowledge on every type of marijuana. We have been recognized by thousands of clients for being one of the most reputable seed banks worldwide. The credibility that we are confident of and thankful for.

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that has been heavily involved in curating seeds for almost a decade.

In 2012 they began their first retail partnership but have since grown to over 100 locations now selling their seeds worldwide.

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It used to be nothing more than a shot in the dark to buy marijuana seeds online. There have been no promises of good breeding and there was no way for buyers to secure sales that could not even appear. Fortunately, those few devoted growers and seed banks also developed a norm for the marijuana seed sector in recent years that can be trusted by consumers. Nevertheless, like in any marijuana seed online seed bank industry, some entities and corporations would rather take advantage of the positive will of individuals than obey these norms. Through collaborating with top seed banks and breeders from around the globe and distributing them in a handy one-stop-shop venue, Rocket Seeds is working to overcome this amazing reality.

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The roots of marijuana have a dynamic history with the government. Due to this complicated legal world, it can be overwhelming to find reputable seed banks that ship to the USA. In general, illegal states (which criminalize marijuana) allow seed sales. The general legality of buying cannabis seeds appears to vary from state to state.

Since their beginning, CKS has been dedicated to quality and genetic strength when it comes to strain selection.