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marijuana seeds for movies

“I do also really like Sour Diesel for watching,” Vicino added. Sour Diesel is the most recommended strain by her local budtenders, and Vicino appreciates the uplifting cinematic experience it fosters. “I tend to pick Sativa strains that don’t make me fall asleep right away. [Sour Diesel] has been awesome because the strain really knows what it’s doing, like Blue Dream.”

And if you want to get the best experience out of watching a movie while baked, finding the right cannabinoid profile is key. That’s why we interviewed a stellar lineup of entertainment industry insiders and seasoned stoned movie watchers to find the best strains for watching movies and tapping into the optimal psychotropic, cinematic trip.

“Strawberry Fields is so nice and relaxing, but not in a way that puts me to sleep immediately. And it doesn’t make me disengage in the movie either, which sometimes can happen when you’re high and distracted. This one doesn’t make me do that. I can still focus and I’m nice and relaxed.”

Strawberry Fields

“I also really like King Louis OG from Source Cannabis,” McGrew added. “It’s not too heavy of a high, though it also has a high THC count. That said, it’ll pull you into the zone allowing for the scarier moments of a movie to have a larger impact.”

“Ideally, the audience can look at a film, emotionally get the whole thing, and not necessarily be able to explain it to somebody else,” Altman proposed. “To themselves, they should feel and know what it means. You get an impression, and you know what it means but you can’t articulate it.”

“Blue Dream is definitely a favorite of mine for beach hangin’, but I think the beach-hang vibe and the movie-watching vibe can be pretty similar, especially if it’s a rainy day and you’re staying in,” said Erdbrink. “I also think Blue Dream makes everything around you feel ‘pretty’ which is why I like it for the beach and for movies. It enhances the visual of whatever you’re looking at in a really pleasant way.”

Vicino’s in good company. Blue Dream was also the first strain that came up when we talked to audio engineer and podcast producer Emma Erdbrink.

A mixture of North American Gangsters, French Poets and British Beauties, Cannabis also captured the attention of the public after its release thanks to the amazing soundtrack created by Serge Gainsbourg. Despite its evocative title, this film is rather about the international organized crime than cannabis in particular.

Up in Smoke, the smoky adventures of Cheech & Chong

This French comedy released in 1986 brings together Jacques Villeret, Gérard Lanvin, Josiane Balasko, Valerie Mairesse and also Smaïn, who recall the life in Paris. Over time, this movie has become a cult film for lovers of the genre.

Cannabis and biopics

Leaves of Grass (2010)

Midnight Express (1978)

How High (2001)

Blow (2011) tells the story of George Jung

At last you have a place to find movies based on the world of marijuana, some of them for watching stoned and make us thinking, and other movies ideal for watching stoned and laugh, let’s go there…

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Based on a true story of two teenagers from Idaho who managed to amass a real economic fortune by developing their illegal business of growing, harvesting and processing marijuana. Directed by John Stockwell, the film is certainly not a masterpiece, but it does serve to reflect a true and truthful story in a country where marijuana use is not well socially accepted by a large part of the population, and much less by its recently new president. Here you have the original version subtitled in spanish

The Spanish director won 3 Goya awards for this film. This absurd humor may be more of a style than we already have some gray hair. This Spanish production with a surrealist script is about Teodoro, an engineer who works in the United States and returns to Spain for a sabbatical year. When he arrived, he found out something grotesque that his father had done and, to make up for it, he had bought a motorbike with a sidecar to travel together. That’s where he begins his journey through the Spanish plateau… A perfect movie to enjoy marijuana. Don’t miss this movie in V.O!