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marijuana seeds for fibromyalgia

The Remedy strain is a crossbreed which often means that the best aspects from multiple strains become selected and combined. For someone who isn’t looking for a potent or overpowering medication for fibromyalgia, Remedy might be just the thing. The effects are more mild-mannered, which makes it an excellent choice for daytime use.

Doctors generally prescribe many kinds of pain relievers and prescription drugs, as well as exercise, stress-management techniques, and sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy.

Several high-CBD strains are suitable for fibromyalgia patients; however, you won’t find any single-best-CBD flower for pain. Pain-killing effects of CBD strains for fibromyalgia depends on an individual’s tolerance levels, preferences, CBD content, and fibromyalgia symptoms.

4. Remedy

Many patients experience mild-to-strong effects depending on the strains chosen and the level of CBD in their content. Most patients describe CBD as relaxing and calming without creating a high or causing mind fog or confusion. It can melt away anxiety and bring on a cozy, sleepy feeling.

If you like a more subtle feel, then Remedy is the perfect choice among the high-CBD strains (Indica-dominant) for the job. If you’re feeling nerve pain, this strain can gently melt away the aches and stress of the day. Softer in its approach, use Remedy to treat delicate mental symptoms like depression and anxiety, which can often accompany fibromyalgia conditions.

However, many of those who suffer from the painful chronic condition of fibromyalgia find relief through medical marijuana or hemp-derived products such as cannabidiol, aka CBD available in topical creams, balms, and oil — which are natural therapeutic alternatives to prescription medications.

On the more unusual side is Magic Bullet, one of the pain-relieving CBD strains that features a taste of grapes with earthy undertones. When the sun sets, call it a day with this sleepytime smoke. Easily clear your mind and the stress built up from the day. Let your symptoms fade away with each delightful hit.

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Named for its unmistakable ripe berry aroma, Blueberry delivers a nuanced effects that mellows everything from physical pain to emotional anguish caused by fibromyalgia. Blissful effects wash in on the flavorful exhale, leaving you feeling relaxed in both body and mind.

“This will give the pain killing effects need for heavy pain, as well as give a sedative effect, so one can go to sleep. [It’s] one of the top ten strains I use for my condition.” – savagec3

Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition to live with, but as we’ve learned from Leafly reviewers, cannabis can offer respite. It makes sense when you look at some of the symptoms fibro sufferers face:

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“I bought this strain for pain relief and it worked quite well. I suffer from fibro & arthritis and after smoking this for the first time, it seemed to work as well as some pain pills.” – TONYROSEITTI

Coveted for its potency, flavor, and quality of effect, it’s no wonder that fibromyalgia patients also found something to love about this award-winning hybrid. GSC is known to have a high THC content, so if you’re new to cannabis or sensitive to THC, be sure to dose low and slow with this hybrid powerhouse.

With the painkilling power of THC and CBD combined, this strain is the perfect way to start your day. If you’re sensitive to THC, you’re in luck: Harlequin’s high-CBD content helps curb the intoxicating and anxious side effects of THC, letting you go about your day without that dizzying euphoria that some unaccustomed consumers find distracting or unpleasant.

Guiding you into relief with a sweet berry and grape flavor, Granddaddy Purple is a classic strain with potent painkilling properties. GDP boasts high levels of myrcene, a terpene commonly believed to help relax muscles and control pain. Not only does this sweet-tasting strain treat physical symptoms, its pacifying euphoria loosens the grip of stress, anxiety, and depression to help you stay positive.