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Cannabis has actually been under the spotlight of the pharmaceutical industry for quite some time. What makes cannabis interesting from a medicinal perspective is that it contains hundreds of potentially valuable substances known as cannabinoids and terpenes. The way these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body—a network of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the brain, nervous system, immune system, and other parts of the body—is chiefly of interest to researchers. There are two main cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system: CB1 and CB2.

According to Russo’s scientific paper on clinical endocannabinoid deficiency [2] as a possible reason for fibromyalgia, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, and other treatment-resistant syndromes, an imbalance of cannabinoids in our body could cause communication between the brain and certain body parts and functions to become disrupted. He explains how THC fills in for one of our body’s own natural endocannabinoids—anandamide, which reduces hypersensitivity.


Dr. Ethan Russo, former Senior Adviser at GW Pharmaceuticals and now Director of Research and Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, claims that deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous conditions alleviated by cannabis.

In the 2011 study “Cannabis Use in Patients with Fibromyalgia: Effect on Symptoms Relief and Health-Related Quality of Life” [5] , 28 cannabis users were asked to report perceived benefits of cannabis for fibromyalgia symptoms. An additional 28 FM patients who were non-users were also observed. Results showed a “statistically significant… reduction of pain and stiffness, enhancement of relaxation, and an increase in somnolence and feeling of well being [in the cannabis group]. The mental health component summary score of the SF-36 was significantly higher in cannabis users than in non-users”.

But Russo is not the only researcher to conduct studies on the effects of cannabinoids for treating fibromyalgia.

Romulan is can also induce happiness and giggles. It will mitigate your negative thoughts and make you feel thrilled. You will feel like you have no worries, making you need to kick back and loosen up. Besides, it can also make you hungry, so make sure to have some snacks.

In 2008 , a study including a cannabis-based drug called nabilone reduced pain and uneasiness in 40 individuals living with fibromyalgia. Another research on synthesized THC to manage fibromyalgia symptoms also shows promising outcomes.

The euphoria of this potent Indica can deliver a substantial body high and could make you couch-locked. Thus, it’s recommended that you hit some puffs and relax. Romulan is an ideal relaxant, making you feel like you’re floating on clouds. If you continue smoking more, it may leave you sleepy, making it the perfect nighttime smoke.

#4 – Romulan

Fibromyalgia often creates constant pain, severe fatigue, joint stiffness, insomnia, intense headaches, digestive problems, and cognitive issues. Explore this article to understand how medical marijuana can reduce pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Also, have a look at the best marijuana strains for fibromyalgia.

Furthermore, this medical cannabis can manage stress and pain very well. Its most natural side effect is a feeling of a dry mouth and dry eyes. A couch-locked effect can quickly happen because of its strong Indica properties. Besides, it can manage extreme body pain, mood swings, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and depression.

Girl Scout Cookies is another popular strain in the market today. It relaxes you without inducing fatigue. With up to 21% THC content, this Indica-dominant strain provides an energetic boost of creativity and a rush of euphoria, best enjoyed in good times.

With up to 22% THC and 5% CBD, Critical Mass renders a full-body high that is said to last for a couple of hours, keeping you in a giggly and euphoric temperament for the rest of the night. This hybrid is delightful for those who need to be in good spirits and feel thoroughly uplifted.