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marijuana seeds eindhoven

Grow your own weed? For the (home) cultivation of your own marijuana plants you are of course looking for the very best marijuana seeds to use. Every grower has his own preferences and wishes when it comes to cannabis seeds. offers a wide and exclusive range of cannabis seeds!

Different types and brands of weed seeds can be found on!

Order cannabis seeds on Freeseedsonline

Looking for top quality cannabis seeds? At Freeseedsonline you’ve come to the right place! Our assortment consists of various weed seeds of well-known weed species and is always in stock!
FeminizedMega Powerplant (PP), Feminized White Widow, Feminized Silver Haze and Feminized AK 47. Ordering marijuana seeds is the most important part for good marijuana plants. It is important to get off to a good start and start with very good quality cannabis seeds. Are you looking for cannabis seeds? With us you simply order online and your order will be delivered in a neutral package within two days. Order your cannabis seeds now at Freeseedsonline!

You no longer have to leave the house to get the best cannabis seeds quickly and inexpensively. We have everything in stock and deliver within 48 hours.With every three cannabis seeds you order you get the 4th cannabis seed for free! Do you still have questions about a certain product or an order? Freeseedsonline is available 7 days a week! In short, at you can order safely, anonymously and quickly.

Freeseedsonline was founded by a team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts who have toured many cultures around the world on their travels. These experiences have only increased our passion for growing cannabis. We have also been on very beautiful hash fields to build up knowledge about hash. We provide the best cannabis seeds and are the cheapest in the Netherlands. This way we make sure our customers are satisfied!

In our seedshop we sell various qualities and quantities of cannabis seeds. We offer over 300 different species of cannabis-seeds, feminised, auto flowering, for indoor as well as outdoor growing. Very popular cannabis seeds we offer are from:

We also offer almost 100 kinds of Auto-Flowering strains and also sell the very popular seeds for Medical Cannabis. (CBD-Strains)

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The cannabis seeds that can be ordered online for use in Eindhoven are intended for self cultivation, the THC and CBD values are based on the content in an adult cannabis plant. The seeds of do not contain THC and CBD, so cannabis seeds do not have the same medicinal effect as hemp seeds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for feminized seeds, indoor cannabis seeds, Haze, Kush or other types in Eindhoven, you can find them all in our webshop at Feminized seeds only produce female weed plants. This is important, because only female plants can produce flower buds. Almost all the cannabis seeds you can order in our webshop are feminized. So you never have to remove male plants, which makes growing cannabis plants a lot easier.

Please note that cannabis seeds are not the same as hemp seeds. You can also buy hemp seeds online, which are intended to be ingested with the aim of providing various nutrients for your body such as vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.

Cannabis seeds to grow in Eindhoven

Many different types of weed have been developed in the various seed banks around the world in recent years. This makes it possible to make endless variations with specific taste profiles and other characteristics as they are present in all these varieties. Of course nothing beats weed that you have grown yourself, the experience is completely different than you are used to from commercially grown marijuana from the coffeeshops.

In this variety the AK plant was used as a mother and then crossed with a NL Special (90% Indica) father with a unique THC content.

From now on, the best Order cannabis seeds online in Eindhoven; cheap, fast and very simple. At we have all products in stock, we deliver within 48 hours. If that’s not enough reason to choose, we give the fourth one absolutely free with every order of three cannabis seeds!

This Silver Haze has its origins in the seventies of the twentieth century. This American hybrid of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican flowers in only eight to nine works, which is shorter than other Haze varieties.