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marijuana seeds deutschland

As with growing in any region, though, there are different legal issues, weather patterns, and other factors to consider before you can start.

Getting more specific, this applies to anyone who only grows, produces, transports, imports/exports, or otherwise obtains enough for personal use. This wording, thankfully, has helped slowly ease Germany towards legalization.


If you’re trying to be discreet, however, or have limited space, you’ve got some work to do here as well. Specifically, you should start low-stress training to keep your plants close to the ground.

Since your plants will be fully stretching out in the first couple of weeks, now is the time to defoliate and prune them—if you haven’t already. Rather than discretion, though, the point of this maintenance is to make sure all the buds get some decent sunlight.

While you might already know Northern Light is a classic strain, you might not have known that it’s especially mould-resistant.

Selling marijuana in Germany is also prohibited. In fact, selling cannabis carries greater penalties and sanctions than its cultivation. Penalties for the marijuana sales in Germany are regulated by the same Federal Law on Narcotic Drugs, which prescribes penalties of up to 5 years’ imprisonment for those who commit this offense.

Once you have been charged, it is up to the judge to choose whether it is a criminal case or a simple penalty. Once an individual has been seized with marijuana, even if he has served the sanction, he will have a history on his criminal record. In fact, this history can be used to increase possible future sanctions for carrying or using marijuana in Germany in public.

Growing Marijuana in Germany

The solution for many people from Germany who are looking for the benefits of medical cannabis is drugs based on this plant. Popular products in the medical industry, such as Sativex, are legal in Germany, although their high price makes it less accessible to the users.

In today’s article here we will analyse Germany’s marijuana situation through some key points that you can find in the table of contents below.

However, in Germany, the latter will always depend on the background of the person from whom the marijuana has been seized. Thus, facts such as third parties involvement in seizures or recidivism are essential in this country to distinguish between a sanction, criminal proceedings or a simple rehabilitation process.