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When I made the decision to explore the possibilities for cannabis outside of the United States, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of history and the huge range of strains that were easily accessible.

Cannabis in Costa Rica
Unfortunately, Costa Rica is a country that has been heavily influenced by the drug policies of the Unite States. As a whole, the country maintains a strict stance against cannabis. However, this outward attitude is primarily political and only surface deep. There is a well-rooted and strong subculture that cultivates and strengthens cannabis in the region. There is also considerable headway that is being made in the country on the medical marijuana front. Several proposals have been put forth as legislation. While such proposals have not made it past the Legislative Assembly, polls have revealed that the public is strongly in favor of such measures.

The Price of Cannabis in Costa Rica
It is also fairly easy to purchase cannabis off of the streets or in seed form through a variety of sources. One can most easily locate quality cannabis by exploring the areas of Costa Rica where the Rastafarian culture is thriving. These areas tend to be located along beaches and on the outskirts of popular tourist destinations as well. I was not surprised to learn that cannabis in this area is priced very reasonably. Locally-grown cannabis can be purchased for between $10 and $20 for a 10-gram portion. However, this region is also well-known for extremely low-grade cannabis that is regularly sold for roughly the same price in cigarette form. The discrepancy is primarily due to the area’s popularity as a vacation destination.

While many regions came as no surprise for the wealth of cannabis that they had to offer, some countries presented many surprises when it came to the variety and the prices for the native plants. One such region to make this list in my search was Costa Rica. Anyone in search of high-quality cannabis that is surprisingly accessible can turn a carefully-trained eye towards this region.

The Quality of Cannabis in Costa Rica
It can also be very difficult to procure high-quality cannabis in Costa Rica due to the tourist population. Still, quality strains can be found when the right resources are being utilized. There are many growers who deliberately make distinctions in their plants and harvesting processes in order to produce both high-quality cannabis and extremely low-grade products that are meant specifically for sale to uninformed travelers. The best bet for procuring quality cannabis from this area is to research trusted sources before traveling and before making any online purchases. Studies of cannabis in the region have also revealed that a majority of the plants being grown have very low THC counts as well.

Cannabis Strains from Costa Rica
In terms of farming, Costa Rica is a major producer of a strain going by the name Skunk. This light strain is the easiest to procure and is the most common strain that is used by the local population. Although, the affluent portion of the population has migrated towards using hydroponic strains of cannabis that are aimed at increasing the levels of THC in the plant. These strains are often referred to as Creepy or Kryptonite strains in most markets.

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