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Last Updated: Google Maps, May 28, 2021

When shopping around for a nearby clone nursery, take the time to ask:

What Is A Strainbank?

We’re not the only marijuana clones provider, so we listed below some of our highest rated competitors for you.

Our success selling clones for sale online allows us to preserve a wide range of genetics and continue providing marijuana plants for less than the cost of feminized cannabis seeds. Each transaction is a donation from patient for marijuana plants. A donation is defined as “the act of giving” or “a contribution”. In other words, offering replacements is a voluntary Exchange Policy because there are too many variables to consider when offering a guarantee on products highly susceptible to customer care.

The Strainbank has lead the industry as the most resilient genetics preservatory in the U.S by focusing on customer service and quality genetics. Since early 2017, there has been an explosion of new businesses advertising clones online and unfortunately for patients these nurseries are making some wild claims.

Jack Herer has a powerful aroma that is typical of true Sativas. Of all of the cultivars that we grow, it stretches the most; upwards of 300% in the flowering stage. Medium-sized dense colas form alternately along the main stem. Jack Herer is one of our more finicky cultivars, it takes extra effort and pruning to grow this cultivar because the lower portion of the plant yields the most flower and can be easily shaded by the upper canopy.

The clones you are receiving are cuttings that are roughly 14 days old, sterile growing material and treated with a pH adjusted (5.5-5.8) watering. Clones should be transplanted as soon as possible and watered with a distilled water source. If you are going to use tap water, we suggest that you have it tested to understand the mineral/chemical content as well as the pH.

Originally bred by Humboldt Seeds Organization, Blue Dream CBD is a 65% Sativa/35% Indica cross between the iconic Blue Dream and California Orange CBD. A vigorous plant with HUGE flowers, Blue Dream is prized by the CVD cultivation team for its high resin content and beautiful purple and blue flowers. Its aroma can vary from crop to crop, with balanced tones of berries, black pepper, citrus and licorice. Again, Blue Dream CBD has enormous flowers so be sure to trellis early and add supplemental trellising if needed.


A classic Sativa that is easy to grow but will reward more experienced growers with heavy yields. Durban Poison produces flower that is in the low-to-mid-range potency wide. For a Sativa, it has a compact, bushy shape which makes it nice for grow tents or indoor spaces with low ceilings. Has a high leaf to calyx ratio so benefits from regular defoliation.

A wonderful, well-rounded Sativa with balanced notes of pine, flowers and earthy berries. Dancehall produces compact plants that are moderate to heavy-yielding. It is a very agreeable plant and great for the home grower.

As a baseline, 100% = Doubling in height during flowering
100%-150% = Low to Medium
150-200% = Medium to Tall
200%+ = Tall

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