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If you truly want the best of both worlds when it comes to weed, look no further than Church OG marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. As a balanced 50/50 hybrid, neither the indica nor sativa side is too strong or overpowering, even if you’re a relatively new smoker. The THC content in Church 0G lands on a moderate level at approximately 19%. Users describe this hybrid as equal parts relaxing and equal parts happy. Within mere minutes of smoking, you may notice a positive shift in your mood and headspace. Leave it to Church OG to put you (and keep you) in a good mood throughout the day.

This balanced 50/50 hybrid leaves users relaxed, euphoric, and even fatigued in some cases. During the day, Church OG marijuana seeds can brighten and uplift your mood to combat depression. And at night, use this hybrid to help fall asleep.

Because of this natural uplift, Church OG is commonly prescribed to medical patients with depression and other mood disorders. The aroma and fragrance of Church OG is piney mixed with exotic spices. The exhale of this strain will leave a taste of lemon and citrus in your mouth. It’s a highly clean, refreshing, and grounding aroma that feels all-natural, almost as if you were taking a hike in the woods. Additionally, this hybrid can also be used against insomnia because of its 50% indica side. But that’s not to say you can’t smoke it during the day as well!


The Church is an outstanding Indica/Sativa cannabis strain with European origins. As a powerful hybrid, it is slowly becoming a favorite among users who are drawn to its substantial yielding nature and the sheer force with which it induces an upbeat high.

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The Church – Heavy Yielding, Resistant Strain

The Church produces large dense buds of a light green hue, which are known to be quite sticky, with trichomes spilling out onto the tiny sugar leaf that surrounds the thick, dense colas. The buds are also covered with orange hairs with a slight tinge of purple. The plant is easy to manage and resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. Indoor growers can expect a yield of about 700g/m 2 after a short flowering phase of 56 days. This resilient strain will thrive in a wide range of growing conditions, even the not so optimal locations of Europe. Outdoor growers should expect a yield of up to 900g per plant in September.

The strain was created by Dutch breeders who crossed a native Swiss Sativa hybrid called “Erdbeer” (Strawberry in German), with two popular and potent strains: Super Skunk and Northern Lights.

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