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marijuana seeds canada reddit

For autoflowers, mephistogenetics. For photos, Rocky Mountain high, elite 613 genetics, and the real Canada seeds have some of the popular (expensive) American breeders like In House, Ethos, and Oni. If you don’t mind ordering internationally, Seedsman/Attitude have decent freebies and probably the best selection. Good luck!

I used true north. Ordered last Tuesday, arrived yesterday.

Looking for some northern lights or white widow seeds and dont know what sites are good for seeds?

Sorry, what’s autoflower?

Edit: down vote me for trying to give stuff away? Yeah, free weed bad.

i've ordered from there before, had no problems.

ordered their mixed 20 pack. shipped quick. Regular mixed strains, 20 seeds = $40, can't beat that. Trust me, I looked lol.

Now that marijuana is officially legal where can I buy good quality seeds?

Found this today. It looks like each province has different rules, but you can order

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