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marijuana seeds btc

Quite frankly, there are many, many advantages of buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that uses cryptography to control emissions and transactions, instead of being performed by a centralized banking system. Unlike traditional currencies, the value of Bitcoin is not established by the issuing authority, but rather by fluctuations in the supply and demand of users. This currency can be used for the payment of goods and services in the real world, just as with traditional currencies, but has the advantage of being more discreet and safe, as it is less vulnerable to manipulations of external entities, such as banks.

Why should you buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin?

Browse the Weedseedsexpress website, select your chosen products and add them to the shopping basket. When you have finished your order select your preferred delivery method. When buying cannabis seeds from Weedseedsexpress, select Bitcoin as the payment method during order confirmation.

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We love Bitcoin and think that it offers loads of advantages to purchasers of cannabis seeds but we understand that might seem a bit confusing to use at the start. Don’t worry, if you need a bit of extra help with using Bitcoins at Weedseedsexpress; please feel free to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to offer assistance.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that uses strong cryptography to secure your transactions instead of a centralized system. Unlike traditional money, Bitcoin’s price is not set by the issuing monetary authority but by the fluctuation of supply and demand. This digital currency can be used for purchasing goods in the real world, exactly like you would with traditional money. Bitcoin is far more discreet and secure, though, as well as less vulnerable to external interference.

2– Once the order and the payment method have been validated, the following window containing the value of your order and its equivalent in Bitcoin will appear. Select Bitcoin and click on “Complete Checkout”.

Advantages of using Bitcoin

If you’ve got cash and wish to avoid making an attention-grabbing banking transaction, you may well purchase bitcoins from users selling them in exchange for cash. This website is a reliable platform where you’ll find users interested in selling bitcoins.

For starters, you need a digital Bitcoin wallet to operate with. Coinbase is a great example of a safe and easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet to trade bitcoins. Money can be directly transferred from your bank account.

3– In the last step, you’ll have to complete the order scanning the QR code with your mobile phone (using your Bitcoin wallet) or sending the correct amount of bitcoins from your digital wallet to the address appearing in the field “Address”.