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I’ve used sensa-soak maybe twenty years ago, or so. It definitely helped in hermie production.

what about starting seeds directly in bannana instead of another medium?
From Mago’s stolen notes:
“Treatment of hempseed with ethylene gas will increase the resulting number of female plants by about 50%. Ethylene is produced by certain plants (i.e., bananas, cucumbers and melons), and these can be used to treat hempseed in a simple manner. About two weeks before you plan to sprout the seeds, place them in a paper bag or envelope and put that in a plastic bag with the peels of a ripening banana or cucumber. Replace the peels after a couple of days, and change the bags to prevent mold.

As far as the banana method goes, I think you’d be better off putting the seeds inside a folded piece of screen in a big paper bag of apples, as far as ethylene production goes.

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Hempseed can be feminized while they are forming on the plant. Fruit peels are spread around the area for two weeks before the plants enter the flowering phase. Remove the skins when the plants begin to flower. Otherwise, treatment with Etephon will accomplish the same effect. ”
New practices that can be used in breeding hemp have resulted from recent photoperiodic studies. Hemp is a short-day plant. It flowers promptly when day lengths are less than 14 hours and very slowly or not at all when day lengths are greater than 14 hours. Under average field conditions about half of the plants are female and half are male. Under some circumstances, however, female plants, each of which may produce a very large number of female flowers, will also produce a few typical male flowers. The opposite condition occurs in the males; that is, a male plant will form an occasional female flower in addition to a great number of male flowers. This tendency for hemp plants to produce these extra flowers of the opposite sex is increased by subjecting them to photoperiods of 14 hours or less and to cool nights when flowers are being formed.
Pubdate: 1947
Source: The Yearbook of Agriculture; 1943-1947, United States Department of Agriculture
Author: H.A. Borthwick, USDA Senior Botanist in the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering
Pages: 282-283
Funny you should say that, as I was just reading:
USDA: Hemp, Day Length And Flowering 1947

From a cannabis growers point of view, an easy way to feminise your seeds before you germinate is to use a commercial feminiser like sensa soak which…

Ethylene: One of the 5 plant hormones. The levels and ratios of these 5 hormones has a huge impact on the shape, strucutre, aroma, flavor, flowering time, and disease resistance of the plant. Hormones are the chemical messengers that allow DNA to ‘talk’ to plant tissues and determine the phenotype. Ethylene is primarily involved in flowering, sex determination, fruit ripening, and sensescence (rot). Ethylene is a simple organic molecule, C2 H4, which can also be represented as H2C=CH2.

* Stimulates epinasty – leaf petiole grows out, leaf hangs down and curls into itself

Also read this on some other website

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Before you germinate your seeds, place your seeds in a sealed plastic bag containing banana peels for 14 days. Wrap the banana skins in tissue to absorb any moisture they give off. Keep the bag in a warm place & air the seeds regularly, replacing the skins as they ripen. Ethylene, a naturally occuring gas given off by the ripening bananas causes feminisation.

You leave the seeds for about two weeks so youll need to change the skins 5 or 6 times.

Seeds are either male or female based upon whether they have two X chromosomes (females) or one X and one Y chromosome (male). Just like with people.

* The flooding of roots stimulates the production of ACC which travels through the xylem to the stem and leaves where it is converted to the gas

anyway, I do wonder if I can have like 5 females in the grow room.. and invite one of female hermie in but before that prepared remove the open sacs, and let the fan set on "high" and let it go for like a week? would it be alot easier?

after 2 to 3 weeks of flowering.. do not harvest the females just yet.. use the clean paint bush and dip in the pollen bag you saved.. bushing it on the flowers/buds of females do it much as you can. after it’s done.. . btw turn the fan off (all fan off!!) while pollening these to the buds. now still 12/12 for
5 to 7 more weeks okay..turn the fan back on!! for remian of period of will notice more seeds popping these nice seeds is femmized.. some people says its 100%. well I would like to say 97.8%

but If you do see buds big pretty buds but you found pollen sacs so. yes its hermie.
but its female hermie.. it look like small bananas at where buds will see banana cones around the buds. yeppie its hermie!! I would encourage yall to keep one hermie.. put it outside let it flower for long time. and yes visit it sometime like its not your plant. pluck some of banana sacs usually when I see the female hermie.. they have small pollen sacs and is in the postion where is in the way of where buds is cuddle with. I wish I can find the pic in google. but google knew nothing so.. wait till I get one female hermie I will post the pic. I did’t think google would know it as seed breeders does exist.
or I don’t know the exact name narrow of what pollen sacks is on male or female of hermie.


I had to ask some old friends of mine.. finally here it is. has to write down as much I learns.. and did my best. here go nothing.

If you do see the hermie with no buds.. just lot of pollen sacs shapes of banana like showing off big bananas around..its might be good idea to ditch it and destroy it (burn it)its probably a male too.. but if it’s little buds but too much of banana pollens (big type kind banana shaped) I’m sure its male genetics and is a hermie too so ditch it.. less percents chance to product more chance of female genetics..

its like double females crossing in the stressing. lot easier?? not sure maybe..I can find out.. hey if yall think its 50/50 or less than that.. I don’t think so.. I have gone that far. I knew better..the more I understand about it..the better chance to have plently of good strains all around.. gotta be tried and true.. man.. the more feedback the better. .thanks.

1. 18/6 to 12/12blue spectrum light
2. really nice of cool temps
3. high airflow but not any of wind burns..
4. high humidity but not HOT
5. Rich in nitrogen
that will get maximum ratio of females that is tried and true method in my experiences ..and
HOpE I dID cLeAr about natural way to force the females to product femmized seeds
do that in unstress condition..however..theres rumors says seeds are exposed to Ethylene which is from inside of banana peels..if you get the seed and that ethylene to make gas of female hormones.. Ethylene: One of the 5 plant hormones. The levels and ratios of these 5 hormones has a huge impact on the shape, structure, aroma, flavor, flowering time, and disease resistance of the plant. Hormones are the chemical messengers that allow DNA to ‘talk’ to plant tissues and determine the phenotype. Ethylene is primarily involved in flowering, sex determination, fruit ripes. Ethylene is a simple organic molecule, C2 H4, is does represents as H2C=CH2 is as female plants and if poorly female plant is avaible..and will produce male flowers if not enough ethylene is present, or if too much gibberellic acid is present but (GA) is harsh!! chemical!! Some plants will not turn male under the most extreme stress, and some plants, especially stretchy tropical sativas, will turn with no stress at all so its pure look true to me.. but will that hurt these females and traits to disappear? like "seedless buds" or early harvests.. I don’t know maybe.. and If I use peppers on the males or hermies with sacs of banana any type.. that can prevent them from to pollen . its like when marijauna plant smells the pepper and shut their pores and pollen sacs closed..and say jeez that smells. and I’m stuck here!! gotta breath alittle for while..then now I can have the control to tell my female hermie to shut the f. k up! close these damm sacs!! instead worried in the night and run in naked to that hermie and cut half of her whole stalk off and destroy it like a hermie panaroid sydrome It is my belief that the history in the stress of inbreeding, is responsible for the majority of hermaphrodites in the medicines of cannabis gene’s health but its not to be blamed..they didn’t have the technology we do have now.. today even birth control, bashing it one pill per gallon along with your nute dressing..will promate you higher precent chance of female ratio.. so that can be 120% plus!! I would like to see these methods to try out.. what I have told is what I do believe in my experiences in the past which I did tried the method of male/female crossing.. I still get 50% chance of females.. so finally I realized and can get this puzzled fitted on for you all. and yall will be happy and be sure you have breed seed box in handy to keep you busy.. let there be more seed breeders!!
hope I did clear that up of what I did learn, and will admit to do these methods..I have told you all of what I have done is tried and true.. and what I have researched.. so it look like puzzles has been matched.