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marijuana seeds and clones licence

With a room of about 1,000 sqft, you can have anywhere from 20-40 mother plants depending on their size and your use of space. Each mother plant will give you about 15-30 healthy cannabis clones per month but this can vary greatly depending on how well they are maintained and their ability to regenerate new growth. This means you will have about 300-1,200 clones per month available for sale. Note that we are trying to be conservative here in our estimates. We have seen some groups pull significantly more clones from a room this size.

Perhaps more importantly, adding a nursery offers a new revenue stream for your business. If you are a cultivator or manufacturer with additional space, consider adding a nursery to your business. Nurseries have a relatively small footprint and a higher than average revenue per square foot compared to traditional grows.

Cannabis Nursery Business: The Opportunity

How much profit can adding a cannabis nursery business bring to your cannabis operation? Let’s run a few numbers in this sample cannabis nursery scenario.

First, you should be prepared to test the genetics of your plants through full bloom in order to verify the quality of your seeds and clones. Document the entire process through writing, photos and video. This gives you material to show off the details of the plant to growers including its size and shape.

For specific questions about how cannabis taxes apply to your nursery, get in touch with our cannabis tax experts.

Micro and Standard Cultivation Licenses permit the possession, propagation, cultivation, harvesting, chemical or physical alteration, sale (in bulk – to certain parties), and distribution of cannabis. Dried and fresh cannabis, as well as plants and seeds, can be sold to other holders of Cultivation, Processing, Analytical Testing, Research & Development, or Cannabis Drug Licenses, with licensed nurseries exempt from buying dry or fresh flower.

Obtaining a Nursery License also allows the holder to possess, propagate, cultivate, harvest, and alter the chemical and physical properties of cannabis. It permits the sale and distribution of plants and seeds to other Cultivation, Processing, Analytical Testing, Research & Development, and Cannabis Drug License holders. As with Cultivation Licenses, selling plants and seeds to license holders that are authorized to sell cannabis for medical purposes and those who can sell it under a provincial or territorial Act is allowed as well.

Alternatively, a Nursery license would be the best fit if your business is interested in the development of starter plant material and new plant varieties with goals of altering cannabis genetics to make seeds, seedlings and clones.

Who is a Cultivation or Nursery License for?

To decide which license class is the best fit for your business, you may want to consider the amount of canopy space available within your chosen facility or outdoors. Canopy space that is equal to or less than 200 square meters in size (this includes multiple and vertically arranged surfaces) fit within the description of Micro-Cultivation and is perfect for small batch or craft growers. Anything larger would require a Standard Cultivation License, which is a great option for large and growing companies.

Sale and distribution to license holders that are authorized to sell cannabis for medical purposes is allowed for plants and seeds only. Furthermore, cultivation licence holders can sell seeds and plants, not dried or fresh cannabis, to the provinces, for recreational cannabis sales.

Cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada is permitted both indoors (year-round within a constructed facility or permanent greenhouse) and outdoors (seasonally, within a temporary greenhouse or in an open plot of land). Furthermore, a cultivation licence allows for the holder to grow cannabis through unspecified means, including but not limited to using aeroponics, hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical planters, and in traditional soil.

Micro and Standard Cultivation Licenses are designed for business that would like to be able to legally grow, possess, sell (in bulk – to certain parties), and research cannabis.