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marijuana seeds alabama

There are three different types of marijuana seeds that you can purchase. These types of marijuana seeds are referred to as regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

For you to identify the male marijuana plants that are living in your harvest, you have to look at the gender of your plant during the pre-flowering stage. The pre-flowering stage happens at about 6 to 8 weeks after you’ve planted in your seed.

A female marijuana plant will have a small bud that’s located in between the fledgling branch and the main stock. The small bud will have white pistol hairs growing from it. As a female plant continues to mature and gets ready to be harvested, the pistol hair is turning orange or red color.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This strain of marijuana produces a fresh citrus pine scent is known for its dense, hard buds. White Widow has been used to treat depression, pain, insomnia, and inflammation.

Known for their uplifting and relaxing effects, the White Widow X Crystal Meth feminized seeds would be a great option for those who are looking to use marijuana to relieve anxiety and stress. If you’re looking to grow a marijuana strain as easily adaptable to small spaces, auto-flowering white widow x crystal meth strain is both easy to grow and high yielding an indoor environment.

The dance buds on a white widow flower will be covered in white crystals, which indicates the overall potency of the marijuana.

This type of cannabis seat is also referred to as a natural canvas see you, as it doesn’t have any genetic or chemical alterations made to it to determine the gender of the seed. While regular cannabis seeds are easy for beginners to grow, if you aren’t comfortable with identifying the gender of your plant, two other options may be more successful for your unique growing needs.

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Let’s cut straight to the chase and rip this off like a band-aid. Possessing, smoking, and growing marijuana in the state of Alabama is illegal. That being said, if you want to buy marijuana seeds in Alabama, we can most certainly help. The actual seeds themselves, contrary to popular belief, are legal — as long as you don’t grow them into actual plants. Marijuana seeds are considered more of a collectibles item than drug paraphernalia. So, you’re in the clear with seeds from Pacific Seed Bank! Shop away online!

Marijuana seeds are legal to buy no matter where in North America you might reside. Despite the fact that Alabama’s relatively strict laws limit medical marijuana use to people struggling with debilitating epileptic conditions, purchasing marijuana seeds as adult novelty souvenirs is always permissible. Our seeds can last for years when properly stored, so why not stock up now?

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