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marijuana seeds afghan ruderalis

Afghan Autoflower is an Indica dominant strain bred for outdoor cultivation, just like its original version. This auto-flowering strain combines Afghan with a Ruderalis to produce fast-growing buds and high production value. When cultivating this weed, regular check-ups with greatly improve its health and quality. This way, growers can avoid having mold infestation from happening as this weed is very susceptible to such conditions. This strain’s main attraction is its unsettling high that slowly descends into a couch-lock experience. Aside from its cerebral effects and body stone, many of its health benefits are geared towards eliminating pain from the body. The mind is also captured by happy thoughts that it slowly diminishes negative thoughts.

Afghan Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s easy to grow as it comes with mold-resistant qualities. It is best for beginners as it produces good yields and can grow in almost all environments. You can cultivate this classic strain as long as you have a temperate or sunny climate.

High Quality Earthy Indica Hybrid

More About Afghan Autoflower

This earthy-flavored weed is a fast-acting strain that satisfies the taste buds and the brain cells. People who are undergoing chemotherapy are highly recommended to toke this weed for its hunger pangs and nausea-eliminating effects. With this auto-flowering version, growers can finally have Afghan within their reach.

Afghan Auto-Flowering is an indica breed who counts its ancestors among the original Kush plants from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. These cannabis seeds come from a plant cross-bred with a cannabis species called ruderalis. Hailing originally from Russia, ruderalis is accustomed to shorter growing periods; as such, it has developed the ability to flower automatically after a few weeks, rather than relying on a change in hours or intensity of daylight.

Medicinally, Afghan’s strong relaxation effect has proven of use to patients suffering from sleeping disorders. In addition, the strain encourages appetite, which appeals to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or battling an eating disorder. Afghan is a good choice for the end of a stressful day, as it can melt away the stress and anxiety that could keep you from falling asleep. It can also help with pain that is disrupting your sleep.