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marijuana seeds 9 day wonder

60 Days Wonder from DNA Genetics is an autoflowering Indica dominant hybrid that is perfect for growers who are starting to get into cannabis cultivation. Finishing fast and anywhere, it is quite forgiving and requires little nutrients and little to no special care and attention.

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Short and compact in size, it does well in all environments and setups, both indoors and outdoors. If you start them indoors, use at least 30L container from start to finish. It will usually form one big cola, which makes it a good choice for SOG with at least 16 plants per square meter. Light green buds with bright orange hairs and sweet and earthy aroma will start to form around week 2 or 3. In climates with a long and warm summer, multiple harvests are possible.

60 Days Wonder – Fast and Easy to Grow

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Effects are not too strong and intense, which makes it perfect to use throughout the day. It will leave you relaxed, happy and calmed, perfect to treat anxiety, stress, nausea or glaucoma. Aromas and flavors are earthy and piney with sweet and spicy undertones.

60 Day Wonder is the strain that can potentially produce up to 6 crops annually from seed. This amazing autoflowering cannabis (with a 60-day total lifecycle) is opening up cultivation to the inexperienced. Moreover, it’s a great strain for commercial growers, too. By crossing the heavy indica Williams Wonder with ruderalis, 60 Day Wonder was created.

As you would expect, 60 Day Wonder grows short and stocky indoors or outdoors in a warmer climate, regardless of the light cycle. No special attention or training is needed. Simply water and feed lightly as required. Treat her right for 60 days and she will be ready for harvest. Then enjoy her happy, calming effects.