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marijuana seedliings light out

If they lean or tip over, I use the soil around them to “mound” around the stem. Makes them wicked thick in maturity.

If cannabis seedlings grow tall and then fall over, this is almost always a result of growing in an environment with static air.

If outdoor temperatures are suitable, seedlings may be acclimatised to direct sunlight by giving them progressively longer daily exposure to outdoor conditions.


Not sure whether to grow your cannabis seeds in the sun or under lights? This article explains how much light you need, how to prevent your seedlings from falling over, and when to plant them outside.

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“When can cannabis seedlings be put under lights or in the sun?” is a common and sensible question that is often asked by novice cannabis enthusiasts after germinating seeds indoors under lights.

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once it shows the first 2 leaves, it’s ready to go grow!

soak a cloth towel in the same warm or even warmer water, squeeze most of the water out but leave it nice moist. i just keep it as moist as possible without dripping.

*when you place the seeds in the soil, it doesnt matter what direction you place it in. the next 24 hour period in weak lighting will allow the plant to search for proper lighting and water.

use a real 1’x1′? paper towel that is usually located in the kitchen.

now drop the seed in, cover it up, water it lightly so that everything is cohesive.

fold it in half, place seeds inside, use slightly warmer than room temperature (+5-10 degrees, trust me).

one thing special thing i learned. during the next 24 hour period, main roots will grow and shoot out like no other. in 24 hours, roots should shoot straight down to the bottom of any planting container/pot. this idea is key as roots are crucial foundations to the plant, and by shooting straight down the entire container, it makes sure the plant can attain water at any depth of the container. i learned this the hard way because sometimes my vegetation on top grew too fast for the roots and as a result plants were topping over. i believe this tiny issue is only for 24/7 vegetation people. because any off time will allow the roots to grow, otherwise it’s too busy with the photosynthesis of the top vegetation? haha