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marijuana seedings in cups

4.) Transplant to an even bigger container if desired

If you’re trying to keep plants small, small containers can actually be a good thing. But if you want to grow bigger plants, you need to give their roots enough space to “spread out” 🙂

2-3 gallon container

Before you can start transplanting, you need to germinate your seeds. I recommend the “paper towel” method for germination because this method is easy and hard to mess up! Learn About Other Ways to Germinate Seeds!

Now you just allow plants to grow!

“Rootbound” seedlings are often droopy and may display odd symptoms that are hard to explain. If seedlings are rootbound you’ll see during the transfer process that the roots have wrapped all the way around the outsides of the container, preventing the plant roots from doing what they need to do. Try to transfer to a bigger pot before this point!

You can help avoid causing your cannabis plants stress during transplant by following these principles:

Growers recommend growing marijuana from a large pot to prevent transplanting which can stress plants a lot. However, if you have used a clear plastic cup to grow seedlings then you must transfer these as soon as you have healthy and strong young plants.

Cannabis can actually be grown almost anywhere. You will be surprised as to how creative growers can be and how efficiently they can hide their growing operation. You will find marijuana in cups, pitchers, vats, pans, pots, pails and even grown in bathtubs. So the answer to this question is a resounding yes. However there are some precautions about growing weed in just about any container, like a clear plastic cup.

Some plastic cups may also contain dangerous chemicals that can affect the growth and development of plants. If you must grow your plant in small container cups, select cups that are free from dangerous chemicals and any toxins.

Some disadvantages of using plastic cups

Plastic cups should only be used until the first few leaves of your plants have grown and you have determined the gender of your plants. After which you must remove it from the plastic cup and transfer it to a large pot. A condition called “root lock” can occur when a plant’s roots are contained in a very small space like a party cup. Roots may become inefficient to hold the plant or even get nutrients from the soil because it has been bound in a small space. Root lock is also detrimental to a plant’s ability to grow and affect its yield. Root lock can stress a plant and could be very damaging especially when you are growing autoflowering plants.

Growing marijuana can be an exciting and interesting experience. Whether you are growing weed for personal use, for medical purposes or just for fun, you will find that there are many ways to grow cannabis and to profit from your growing operation. And of course first time cannabis growers have a lot of questions on their mind about growing weed and one of the most common is asking whether marijuana plants can be grown in clear plastic cups.

Transplanted plants survive well if they are allowed to rest and recuperate after the process. In transplanting autoflowering plants this can take a toll on your plant’s growth and yield therefore it is not advised to plant autos in a small clear plastic cups on day one. Better plant it in a large pot and let it grow from seed to harvest time.