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marijuana seed to sell trucking system

“OSDH/OMMA is intentionally diverting tax revenue to purposes other than the

“Nothing in Oklahoma statute requires any medical marijuana business to use the seed-to-sale system selected by the state to carry out its auditing responsibilities, and

tags and pay monthly service fees to a company selected by (OMMA and the Oklahoma State Department of Health),” the lawsuit states.

OSDH and OMMA declined to comment on the pending litigation.

“The seed-to-sale system will greatly expand our compliance capabilities and improve the effectiveness and speed of any future recall efforts. It will also allow us to detect unusual patterns that may indicate product diversion,” Williams said.

If the lawsuit it successful, it could upend the state’s attempt to closely follow marijuana plants and products as they are grown, processed, packaged and sold to patients. Officials have said a tracking system prevents cannabis from leaving the normal — and legal — retail pathways.

Last year, OMMA Director Kelly Williams praised the selection of Metrc, a Florida-based company that operates similar services in more than a dozen other states.

They also have faster implementation timelines at lower costs compared to seed-to-sale vendors. This makes the onboarding process easier for dispensaries that don’t have big budgets or time to train staff, yet need real-time results.

3. Plays nice with others

If your seed-to-sale provider goes under, your whole business is at risk.

What is best-of-breed cannabis software?

Business owners have the option to hand-pick a customized cannabis tool stack that does exactly what you need, starting with your cannabis POS.

Best of breed means the best product of its type. Companies often choose a different software provider to solve a specific need for each part of the business. For example, you might choose to purchase cannabis cultivation software from one vendor and point-of-sale from another, depending on your unique requirements and pricing constraints.

With a single tool that does it all, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. You may get locked into a long term contract.

Seed-to-sale tools are built for every possible cannabis business need. You might end up paying for features you won’t use.