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Growing indoors usually takes about four months until harvest, while outdoor plants take about six months. Depending on the strain of plant and the quality of your setup, Harnden says each plant can yield anywhere from one to eight ounces of product.

"It's not just something you can put outside and then in six months have bud," Kerr said. "You're going to want to tend to them almost as much as you tend to them indoors."

Kerr said more expensive lights give higher wattage which will be needed for the plant's vegetative growth stage and flowering stage.

6. Improper pruning

"If you pluck them off the plant it is able to direct the energy toward the canopy," Kerr said.

"In order to ensure customers have a legal source for cannabis seed, P.E.I. Cannabis intend to increase the variety of seeds in stock as supply becomes available."

"It can be a bit of an investment. But it's certainly cheaper than purchasing it at the store — if you're smoking or consuming in any quantity."

Grow Daddy, which sells cannabis growing and smoking equipment online and from its storefront in Stratford, P.E.I., has two staffers who call themselves growing experts — Hunter Kerr and Shawn Harnden — and they're busy selling equipment and giving advice to many new customers, they say.

some folks use a clean razor blade to carefully slice off some of the outer shell, but you must be very careful not to slice into the seed hull. soak the seeds briefly in 3% hydrogen peroxide, then rinse in fresh water, germinate in your usual method.

Thats how we do it on the Pharm anyway.

hey pimpin, all you need is a small box lined with medium-fine sandpaper. just cut the sandpaper to the right size and glue to the inside of the box, rough side out. i use a sensi seeds breeder box. any small box with a lid will work. just put your seeds in and shake the box vigorously until the outer shell has been worn down, "scuffed". i would then suggest that you soak the seeds briefly in 3% hydrogen peroxide, then rinse in fresh water, germinate in your usual method.


I use emery boards, 3 of them glued together in a triangle shape and then I stuff a cotton ball into one end, load the seeds, cover the other end with my thumb and shake shake shake! Then I soak the seeds in a shot glass of water until they sink then I plant them. Sinking means they are saturated with water and primed to germinate once in the soil, rapid rooter, peat pellet, ect.

basically both of these methods allow water to more easily penetrate the seed and make it expand and open.