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marijuana seed solo cup

So I don’t think it’ll "ruin" your harvest, but its still better to not let them get root bound. And while razor keeps them a live, but it doesn’t cure the root bound issue completely.

i leave mine in for about a 3 weels or so, maybe a bit less..

A few years ago I was growing nothing but white rhino strains. I started them in 6" containers then at 2-3 weeks I then transfered to 12". I left them in there for a few weeks then when I went to transfer them to my raised bed outside, I noticed the roots were really root bound. I took a razor and made 3-4 slices on the sides and teased the bottom roots a bit. Everything seemed fine except the root bound plants averaged a foot shorter. When I went to harvest them, I dug out the root ball and the roots grew out maybe 1-2 inches at most. The none root bound plants had root balls about twice as wide and deep and looked a lot more hardy.


when they get root bound, when you go to transplant them, take a razor blade and insert in into the root mass about a half of inch and fun it vertically down the root mass.. this will encourage the roots to start to grow down again instead of just continuing to spin out around the pots, which is not what you want..

Now going back to your original question, I think two weeks is the most I’d keep them in the container. In a one gallon smart pot, I don’t push past three weeks, even though four weeks they’ll still appear fine. The rule I follow is to always aim for a distance of two inches, from the tips of the roots to the container. If your roots tips are touching the container or coming out of the bottom, it’s time to transplant.

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