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Attendees can also give up to an ounce of marijuana to someone else, as long as both parties are 21 or older. While the D.C. Cannabis Campaign says they will accept out-of-state IDs, the events are for D.C. residents.

Once you get the seeds home, you can only grow up to six plants for personal use; only three plants can be mature at a time. In households with multiple adults, that number can increase to six mature plants.

The line stretched two blocks for the first seed share, held Thursday evening at Libertine in Adams Morgan.

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“We’ll be checking to make sure you’re 21 and older; we don’t care where you live,” Eidinger said. “But if you tell us you’re taking the seeds outside of D.C., we just won’t let you come in because that’s not legal.”

Marijuana has been legal in D.C. for about a month now, but there’s one question that may leave those who want to indulge perplexed: How do you get it?

“[W]e have a new right now, and that right is to grow at home,” Eidinger said. “[T]hat’s one way to obtain marijuana.”

Adam Eidinger, the chairman of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, says the events are a chance for people to give away seeds to people who need them.