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When you shop with us at i49, you will have full access to a range of cannabis strains, including indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and hybrid varieties. In the section below, we’ll show you how to germinate the seeds you buy.

At, you’ll find more than 20 of the world’s highest-quality cannabis seed strains, which are carefully raised and harvested to offer our customers the best way to collect or, where it is legal, cultivate for medicinal or recreational purposes. We sell auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and medicinal seeds with a higher CBD content.

If you’re a collector of cannabis seeds, i49 will provide only the highest-quality stock with reliable, fast, and discreet shipping. Online seed ordering is simple because of our easy-to-use platform and the helpful guidance we offer. If we haven’t answered your questions on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Nebraska’s Highest-Quality Cannabis Seeds, Sent Directly to You

Cover the seeds with the remaining half of the paper towel and re-moisten them with a spray bottle as needed. After two to seven days, you’ll start to see taproots emerging from the seed casings. Leave your seeds on the wet paper towel until those roots are about ¾” long. Then, they’re ready to transplant and grow.

If you want the best of both worlds, our Hybrid seed varieties combine the most favorable qualities of Sativa and Indica strains. They’re great for everyday use and they work to treat various medical conditions. Our Hybrid seeds are extremely popular among our new growers due to their ease of use and their resiliency. As you shop i49, you will see a wide selection of seeds sorted by rating, popularity, newness, and price. If you’re looking to grow strains such as Super Lemon, Siberian Snow, Fire OG, or Purple Kush, check out our feminized seeds.

If a week has gone by and you’re not seeing any taproots, there may not be enough moisture present. With our emergency rooting method, you may be able to bring the seeds back to the right moisture content. Remove your seeds from the towel and plate, re-soaking them in clean distilled water until taproots emerge. Then, follow the above steps, keeping the seeds covered until the roots are at least 1/2” long.

Upon ingesting CBD, you won’t get the ‘mental high’ for which marijuana is known, because the cannabidiol counteracts THC’s effects. This makes i49’s high-CBD strains a great alternative when conventional treatments do not work. For some symptoms, a THC/CBD combo has been shown to be more beneficial than CBD alone.

The strain features an ideal aromatic and gustatory balance: the fruity intensity of the sweet blueberries and the typical cheese flavour at the highest level. A surprising and tasty combination which is evidently reflected in the buds which give off a delicious and penetrating fruity aroma.

If you are planting Northern Lights Autoflowering outdoors, the best season for your crop is in spring and summer. In this case to get the maximum production give more than 50 litres of a substrate and all the sun you can so to grow in the northeast of the USA it is important to get the timing right to make the most of the summer. For an autoflower, Northern Lights Autoflowering can stretch to impressive heights of 120cm and she can do it very fast in only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

Tip: this might sound a little bit gross, but Durban Poison loves a little bit of human urine during the vegetative phase. Swedish research has recently revealed that urine improves the circulation of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. However, don’t wee directly onto the plants. Instead, get a bucket, collect the urine and add water so the mixture has a ratio of roughly 1:10. Good for the environment and your plants!

4. Blue Cheese autoflower

Did you know that the increasingly popular Gorilla Glue was actually discovered by accident? These Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis seeds are a cross between Sour Dubb and a Chem Sister on the mother’s side and a Chocolate Diesel on the father’s side. The name suggests that you will be “glued” to the sofa. However, this potent strain has many strong properties characteristic of Sativas. So if you want to buy potent cannabis seeds and grow them outside in the northeast, Gorilla Glue might be for you.

Blue Cheese is a marijuana plant that responds very well to all the attention that is dedicated to it, with basic irrigation and nourishment care, it grows properly and grows with great strength and vigour. One major advantage is its ability to deal with humidity and parasite problems.

The Blue Cheese strain is a lavish producer, able to offer yields of 800 g per plant outdoors, where the expected harvest arrives mid-October. You’ll drool when you see the quantities of compact and bulky buds, with a rich and aromatic resin.

Northern Lights grows with great vigour and develops strong, fairly branched stems and many knots in little space, a detail that anticipates its high production. Its leaves are large leaflets, very jagged and of a promising dark tone.

Yes. Marijuana seeds are legal within the state of Nebraska, as a novelty item. When it comes to the cultivation of those seeds, residents may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. There are no specific penalties for growing marijuana, however, cultivation falls under the manufacturer and distribution laws which is amazing because Nebraska is famous for Nebraska Nonsense, a feral hemp strain leftover from the booming hemp growing industry prior to prohibition in 1927. Hemp literally grows in ditches in the state but it is not nearly close to the quality you will get when you Order Ganja Seeds from a dedicated online cannabis seed bank like

Stamps and bison bones aside, the king of strange and rare in Nebraska has to be William Thompson’s scalp. Yes, you read that correctly, William Thompson’s scalp. In 1867, a group of English repairmen was sent to the small town of Lexington to repair telegraph cables. Along the way, their train was attacked by Cheyenne warriors and the train derailed. Everyone on board was killed with the exception of Thompson who had his scalp scraped off by his attackers. During the ordeal, Thompson passed out from the pain. He was left for dead, with his scalp by his side. His attackers left him to rot thinking he was a goner, but he regained consciousness and sought medical aid to reattach his scalp but it simply could not be done. Mr. Thompson did the next best thing and displayed it for profit as a curiosity. Credit goes out to making lemonade out of the lemon’s life handed him.

Sadly, recreational cannabis is out of step with other states’ initiatives towards full legalization. The use of cannabis falls under the same laws as cultivation and possession. It is decriminalized but not legal, meaning there is no jail time for a first offense if you are caught with under 1 ounce of dried cannabis flowers. You are well within your legal rights to Buy 710 Seeds Online and you can certainly have a stockpile of seeds on hand for when the day comes that cannabis enthusiasts can freely grow the herb in Nebraska.

What is the law around Rec Use in NE?

Visually, the state is recognized for its rolling fields of golden wheat swaying in the breeze and its immeasurably large farms growing row upon row of corn. Statistically, Nebraska is actually only the third-largest corn-producing state and the fifth-largest soybean grower. It would seem perfectly natural that cannabis could easily grow and go side by side with those crops and while it can, it is currently considered illegal. Once it is legal, Contact Us for information on purchasing cannabis seeds for your home-grow in Nebraska.

No. Unfortunately, the Cornhusker State is lagging behind in regards to marijuana legalization, however, it has been decriminalized. A first offense or possession of up to 1 ounce is only punishable by a citation and a 300 dollar fine, second offense is considered a misdemeanor with a 500 dollar fine and the possibility of 5 days in jail. As previously mentioned, it is legal to own cannabis seeds and you can order them in our Chronic Seeds Store, however, the utmost of caution and consideration to the state’s laws is advised when it comes to the cultivation of those weed seeds.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, Nebraska’s largest city is Omaha with a population of just under half a million. The state capital of Lincoln is next with just over 200,000 residents. Both cities are modern and dynamic with an eye toward the future while keeping the lessons of the past close to the heart.

Nebraska is full of rare, one of a kind things that in some cases defy belief. Take the largest ball of stamps for example. In the Boys Town stamp center, just outside of Omaha, sits a 32-inch diameter ball of postal stamps. From 1953 to 1955, a group of obviously bored stamp collectors began gluing postage stamps around a golf ball and within 2 years had added more than 4.5 million stamps. The gigantic ball, which weighs a shocking 600 pounds has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and at one point was a main tourism draw for the state. While the stamp club was busy licking and gluing, Nebraska cattle rancher Albert Meng was attempting to restore a natural water spring for his cattle in 1953. He didn’t succeed, however, he found something very rare. He happened upon the preserved skeletons of more than 600 bison. After consulting with his archeologist friend, it was determined that the bison all died of natural causes resulting from an unexplained natural event.