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Pau mana ohana seeds Hawaiis 1st legit seed bank

Pau mana has some legends in stock some times. Any one who knows of the duckfoot or elephant Kauai electric, even Hawaii specials like skunk dawg crosses. Only issue these guy have so far is keeping those classics in stock. I should always be able to see a Kauai electric or the blood IBL instock. But even if your favorite is not in stock they have serious verity some crosses that spark an interest. Kauai electric x duckfoot x puna budder I mean wow if it all hits right who would want aderall. Through conversations with people I think at least elephant is legit. But we got the mix and ive grown elephant stomper, and seen the legit duck and smoked her and have smoked a lot of skunk dawg and aloha white widow 98.

I grew out kauai electric harvested, still in veg citrus swell (zkittle x cali orange), rainbow kush, puna candy.

If you can get a seed to work it will probably be pretty good but there is a seed quality issue and they are sometimes molded, or other contamination and won’t start.
All of mine worked except electric diesel and Molokai snow. Even the replacement of Molokai snow had botritus gray mold. But all the one that started is and was cherry. Only issues with big is seed contamination no starts. Because the mold or whatever. The others did start. But the customer service felt like going to a dealer in the old days who was a douche and you didn’t know if you would get the correct weight or strain but it was always fire. Very unpleasant for me. But I would order again and hope their costumer service improves and their seed contamination improve because so far I’m happy with what I got but I know my grow a bit so if there is a terp that I call pull ill pull it..

I did it I ordered from both Hawaii based seed companies!
For decades Hawaii has been renowned for some serious fire, by those who are well smoked. Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Molokai frost, Kona gold, Puna budda, the Blood, just to name a few. We would hear about how great they are or iconic from movies and magazines. How many of us actually got to smoke it? Grown from the source? Well now we have seeds with that start in Hawaii and you can finish with your location for some special fire.

What I know from my research.
The look of one of my kauai electric geno was the same as pau mana ohana picture of kauai electric. It was from big because pau mana was sold out. The effect is hawaiian to me. So I think both have the same strain.

Big has terrible customer service lol. But I still wanted his seeds.

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Juicy Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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