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marijuana seed logo

America’s relationship to marijuana is changing. Residents of eight states 1 no longer have to buy their weed in plastic baggies behind a 7-11; instead they’re able to saunter into dank-smelling boutiques and purchase impeccably designed sachets of their favorite strain. Right next to the 7-11. Because hey, that’s just smart business.

But imagine you’re walking down the street and every other shop is adorned with one of those ubiquitous striped poles? How do you choose? That’s where branding comes in.

The Leaf: the ultimate weed logo cliche

According to a study in Colorado, adults with higher incomes are actually more likely to have tried marijuana. Similarly, we’ve already started seeing a spike in upmarket, luxury marijuana products and branding.

As an upscale restaurateur, you know you’ve made it when your establishment is reviewed by an established food critic. Well now we have ’em for weed. Not long after cannabis was legalized in Colorado, The Denver Post hired its first pot critic, Jake Browne, to help those with a discerning palate pick the dankest of chronic.

This includes new ways of consuming, from fancy artisanal edibles to elegant pen vapes that you can tuck away in a clutch.

The choice of using wordmark for a marijuana business logo just goes to show that the industry is maturing, and becoming recognized as a category. These brands believe that their company name is enough to perk the interest of their target audience. With clever use of typography and design, these logo designs are effective.

Authority, independence and leadership are often associated with the symbol of a lion. Marley uses this in their iconic logo to denote their dominance in the cannabis based product range they have, from body care to medicine.

The logo uses thin small letters and capitals in sans serif font to give it a professional look in the earthy tone of brown and vegetation green. The logo says it all – premium marijuana seed bank that you can depend on for cultivation of cannabis.

16. Mirth Provision

While there are more cannabis leaf logos out there, we’ll stick to these and move on to the next frequently used symbol: mountains. Mountains are timeless, limitless, enduring, and … the place where the best cannabis are grown. It’s no wonder that marijuana infused brands prefer to use this symbol to represent their businesses.

Marijuana is all about purity so it’s not surprising when you see this Alis Group logo with a droplet of water to denote purity, and the leaf for freshness.

Clichéd as it may be, the marijuana leaf is the ultimate symbol that conveys a brand’s message crystal clear: “we’ve got marijuana in our products”. Aside from the literal, the cannabis leaf in modern culture represents liberation, freedom, and insight, especially among Western countries where authorities have been against marijuana cultivation. Hippies, activists and similar proponents of “weed” have been using the leaf as a symbol for their campaigns, and which have slowly migrated to the business arena as well.

Thin serif font, a heart and a rhombus makes a chic and modern marijuana logo that instantly connects with the young crowd. What else does a brand wants?