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marijuana seed logo ideas

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It is probably the top marijuana brand in the US.

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1. Leafs by Snoop

When Willie decided to launch his own cannabis range he turned to Santa Monica agency, Rival.

Whether you want to get into cannabis business as an investor or you’re a designer conducting some research into cannabis logos – I got some good news for you:

Most marijuana logos have some sort of variation of the green cannabis leaf. It’s an immediately identifiable visual symbol cannabis brands tend to go for.

We love the vintage feel of this logo even though the company is not even a decade old. The clever use of pick axes as well as mountain simply shows that they’re someone you can depend on for extracting pure cannabis.

Unlike the enterprise’s name, the combination mark logo uses the number 420, leaf and the text Pharma.C to identify with their brand – which are health and skincare products. The use of serif font gives a classic look, and ideal for packaging.

The choice of using wordmark for a marijuana business logo just goes to show that the industry is maturing, and becoming recognized as a category. These brands believe that their company name is enough to perk the interest of their target audience. With clever use of typography and design, these logo designs are effective.

13. Alpine Extracts

While there are more cannabis leaf logos out there, we’ll stick to these and move on to the next frequently used symbol: mountains. Mountains are timeless, limitless, enduring, and … the place where the best cannabis are grown. It’s no wonder that marijuana infused brands prefer to use this symbol to represent their businesses.

So, which logo you like the best? Let us know!

Authority, independence and leadership are often associated with the symbol of a lion. Marley uses this in their iconic logo to denote their dominance in the cannabis based product range they have, from body care to medicine.

All American Buds has two logos – one for its website and this one for labelling packaging. We chose this one because it uncannily resembles the Starbucks logo. Instead of stars, it has leaves all over so you can’t miss out on what the brand is about; it delivers papers for cannabis users.