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Any foreigners caught using or possessing cannabis may be deported, and banned from ever re-entering the country again. The musician Paul McCartney is the country’s most notorious example of this – after being caught with cannabis, he wasn’t allowed back into Japan until eleven years after the event.

However, this didn’t lead to the product being legalised for medicinal purposes in Japan. Indeed, in 2015, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals stated that its latest trials (regarding cannabis treatment for patients with advanced cancer) had been inconclusive.

Can you possess and use cannabis in Japan?

For importing or exporting cannabis, the prison sentence remains the same, but the fine is raised to up to 3,000,000 yen. If someone is found to have ‘mediated’ the transfer, sale or supply of cannabis, he may receive a two-year prison sentence.

The Cannabis Control Act specifically lists cannabis seeds as an illegal substance. However, the law is ambiguous on this topic, and it seems that the seeds are legal to possess, as long as they’re not used for cultivation. If the seed is sterilised (and can’t be germinated), then technically, it’s also legal to mail it into the country.

Although Japan’s authorities adopt a hard line when it comes to cannabis, the law does permit the use and sale of CBD. It was legalised in 2016, and some companies are now allowed to produce CBD products. However, it was only in 2018 that businesses were permitted to advertise their products.

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