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Once you have your Tropical Nuggets seeds, you will find that the FPOG may be a more challenging seed to grow, but this boutique strain is well worth the time and effort.

Firstly, before you even start to think about growing FPOG, you need to get your hands on quality Tropical Nuggets seeds.

Because of the genes that the FPOG carries, it has a sweet and fruity flavor, that is reminiscent of berries and fresh spring afternoons.

Is Tropical Nuggets Indica or Sativa?

If you are looking for some tips for growing your Tropical Nugget seeds, then take a look at the following tips.
However, remember that in no way does Seed City encourage the cultivate of seeds unless you are living in an area where this is legal.
When cultivating Tropical Nuggets seeds, you should bear in mind that this strain can grow to an astounding height, so staking and tying is a great idea.
Also, you should take care of the plant by trimming the top leaves and ensure that the bottom section of the plant receives enough light.

Although Tropical Nuggets OG is a hybrid, it has stronger Indica genetics and is, therefore, an Indica dominant hybrid. On average, you will find that most sellers or even most of the Tropical Nuggets seeds will have an indica:sativa ratio of 55:45. This means that although it is an Indica dominant strain, it only holds a slighter higher percentage of Indica than sativa. Therefore, you can still expect an enjoyable cerebral experience.

This strain is also known as FPOG, although it does not have the same ring to it as Tropical Nuggets OG. You may also see this strain as Tropical Nuggets Kush, or even Tropical Nuggets Cookies. It was originally crafted by well-known Alien Genetics, a team of breeders that created and then offered this strain as a “limited-time offer.”

Is this strain plenty of work to cultivate? Certainly. But is it worth it? Absolutely. The yield after you have taken care of your plant from the Tropical Nuggets seeds will be approximately 450g per square meter.

Golden Nugget gets a gold star in many categories. For starters, it stands out for its strong therapeutic effects, its heavenly aroma, smooth and rich tasting notes, and great yields.

True to its Sativa-dominance, Golden Nugget grows long and lean. Its heights can climb upwards of 220 cm. It’s a great indoor or outdoor strain but will need tall ceilings when grown inside. There’s a 10 to 12 week flowering time, which puts the outdoor harvest right around early October. The yields on this plant are generous, bringing in anywhere from 400 to 500 grams per M2.

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When the effects of smoking Golden Nugget settle in, they’ll stay around for a while. The long-lasting buzz high will energize and motivate, so it’s great to use as a wake and bake strain to start your day off with some positive energy. The high is happy and if something makes you laugh, it might turn into a serious case of the giggle fits. Also, you could jump right into a creative zone after taking a few pulls.

The buds on this Golden Nugget strain are big and compact. The chunky nugs are covered in a bright golden sheen making them shine like the gold goddess that she is. Also, they’re sticky and resinous which is why it has such a high THC content. Its aroma during the early and mid flowering cycle is pretty mild, but don’t fret. The strong earthy and spicy aromas come through in a dominant and pleasant way towards the end of its flowering period.

With Jack Herer as the father and a dominant Indica as the mother, the Golden Nugget strain was born. It has Sativa-dominant genetics and a high THC content, making it a great medical strain and perfect for those with a high tolerance.

The tasting notes of Golden Nugget are rich, deep, and tasty. And on top of that, the toke is smooth and easy, with no harsh throat hit or coughing. The flavours are mostly spicy with some notes of citrus. As you continue to smoke this strain, skunky and earthy flavours begin to pour in.