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marijuana seed impotence

Dr. Tishler noted these concerns, yet remains adamant that almost all sexual issues respond well when treated with cannabis. These problems include ED, low libido, and premature ejaculation. He was keen to point out that the dosage was all-important. According to Dr. Tishler, it is tough to keep an erection “when your head is orbiting Jupiter.”

Cannabinoids such as THC activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, especially the brain. When THC activates these receptors in the brain, it provides you with the famous psychoactive effects. However, it also impacts the rest of the body in ways you can’t even imagine. THC, in particular, can have a profound impact on the human body when it hits the bloodstream, and especially the male penis.

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Cannabis and ED: So, It’s All Bad News Then?

More recently, Pizzol et al. published a study in the American Journal of Men’s Health in December 2019. It looked at the relationship between ED and marijuana use. The researchers looked at a systematic review of major databases up to January 2019. Overall, they analyzed five case-control studies involving almost 3,400 men. 1,035 of them used marijuana.

Not at all! The entire issue is extremely confusing. There is ample research that suggests cannabis is potentially suitable for men with ED. A longitudinal study by Halikas et al. was published in the International Journal of the Addictions in 1985. The study focused on 100 regular weed users from 1968-1970. The research team managed to locate and interview 97 of them 6-8 years later. A significant number of weed users said that cannabis enhanced their sexual experience.

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His advice is to be wary of the dose because it is a personal thing. We all have different reactions to weed, as well as varying tolerance levels. Overall, Dr. Tishler said that low doses were ideal for men, while women can handle higher doses. He also believes that inhalation through vaping is the best method of consumption. Sharing a vape makes for excellent foreplay, and is less likely to burn down the house!

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On the other hand, some strains appear to have an uplifting effect, which could contribute to improve performance in the love department. According to a survey conducted in Canada in 2001, cannabis consumption can lead to increased sexual stimulation, better self-confidence and greater drive, resulting in prolonged intercourse.

The effects of cannabis seem to vary also according to gender and, at optimal doses, it affects men and women in a different way. As mentioned before, every person reacts differently to the plant and has a different level of tolerance, thus, establishing an optimal dose is not possible. Figuring out the right amount in order to enjoy better sex is something you will have to do on your own.

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Despite the fact that science seems to be shedding some light on the matter, the effect of cannabis on an individual’s sexuality appears to be something that varies according to different factors and the characteristics of that person. In a survey carried out by the magazine Psychology Today, 67% of those interviewed said that marijuana improved their sexual experiences, while 12% claimed it had exactly the opposite effect.

Originally I thought you were asking if it made you impotent – as in unable to ‘get it up’ . Not sperm count .

I guess it’s possible that it lowers your sperm count, but I can’t see it signifigantly lowering sex drive. It makes most people more horny.


Apparently the belief that it makes people more paranoid is true though. *ahem customhydro*

hmmmmmm smoking weed has some scientifical backing that it lowers sperm count, and if seeds actually do make you grow hair in odd places then, it sounds like it is messing with your testosterone levels more than just weed would, leading to impotency.