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marijuana seed harvester jobs



The Harvester is responsible for taking down, trimming and bucking the plants as requested. This position is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitized work space and for following all departmental and compliance protocols, to include green waste.

RECOMMENDED QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Depending on the position you’re looking for, it may not be easy because most cannabis companies look for specific skills so make sure you’re always studying and reading the latest information on the cannabis industry. Go for a position that will allow you to show your abilities and make sure you do your best and always invest in education, the more qualified you are the better opportunities you will have.

The process of starting and operating a legal cannabis business requires a lot of complex paperwork so paralegal professionals are highly required to work along with the lawyers, not only to help fill the paperwork but also help in all other matters related to the legal side of a cannabis business.

A human resources manager is extremely important because not only finding but also retaining good employers is super important because the industry is relatively new and most workers are always looking to get better job offers; So basically, the human resources manager must ensure that everyone is doing their job and are happy with their pay, benefits and workplace.

1. Research

A digital media manager is usually someone with knowledge in internet marketing, communications or digital media design and is responsible for interacting with existing or potential customers, either via email, social media or other platforms; Working directly with the marketing director to make sure that the company is following the marketing strategy and that the customers have a way to communicate with the company effectively, and that the company is effectively communicating what they want or need to.

Due to cannabis still being illegal in most places, cannabis companies need to keep a good record of everything that goes in and out, money-wise and product-wise; Also, companies need to follow laws and regulations always, this is why the following positions are extremely valuable and in high demand in the cannabis industry.

One of the most high-paying cannabis careers is the master extractor; Master extractors usually get paid very well because it’s a relatively new career and very rare to become an expert in the field.

Most cannabis companies use advanced technology in order to comply with the cannabis regulations and to work as efficiently as possible; For example, companies need from tracking software to quite complicated systems to control the growing equipment so this position consists of basically implementing, maintaining and supervising this software.