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marijuana seed growing upside down

If your root is growing straight up like in the picture below, it's not good. This is most common in seedling plugs. The tender white root tip has a good chance of drying out or being exposed to too much light. You want to strongly consider doing some "plant surgery" to turn this little seedling around to the right direction 🙂

Since your seedling has already sprouted and has been in placed into the right growing position, it'll probably pop its head out within just 12-24 hours! Sometimes you see just the leaves, but occasionally you actually see the seedling push the shell above ground.

For example you could tear a tiny piece off the edge of this Rapid Rooter and gently lay it on top. Or if you were in soil you could sprinkle a tiny bit of soil over the seedling. The seedling will push it off as it grows upward.

When this happens the shell usually falls off on its own as the seedling grows!

Now gently extract the seed from its original home with a pair of tweezers making sure to touch only the shell and not the root (the root is the most sensitive part)! Now lay the seedling in the middle of your newly split open Rapid Rooter and gently close the plug around it again.

Grass CLippins

i soaked the seed & put it directly into the peat no paper towel germination

i would like to thank everyone for the help & suggestions . what i decided to do was cut away the mesh , wash away the peat ,this freed the seedling witch i then planted with the root pointed down. this process seemed nice & gentile to,s some pics . sun


I’m no help. But something that stupid deserves to die and save the rest of the gene-pool.

She looks healthy, a little small but healthy.
You know what i found out by trail and error. I found out that separating the grass cuts from the lawn. and placing them in a little mount by the sun, that compost is execllent for Vegetation. once the grass starts turning into mush. mash. cant spell. mix it with water and add to the plants. its not strong so it wont hurt them but it works like great. Feed it to the plants once per week or once every two weeks and u will see the immense difference.
Take Care Sun