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marijuana seed grinder

Carrying cannabis around in a small grinder can be pretty convenient. Most metal grinders feature magnetic casings that ensure your bud stays stored away safely, even during transportation. Furthermore, a well-built grinder can help you to better manage odours that may otherwise be troublesome. You may also be surprised by just how much cannabis your grinder can carry at once.

Don’t forget to make use of those precious kief crystals! After grinding a few grams of cannabis, you will probably have enough kief for a full bowl. You can craft a kief scraper tool out of a torn bit of paper, or preferably, very thin cardboard. Specialized scraping tools are available for purchase, or may even come with your grinder.


This is the most basic kind of grinder you can find. The two-piece grinder is just that, two pieces that close together to grind your weed in a single chamber. The inside part of each piece should be layered with sharp teeth. This type of grinder has no catch chamber for kief. Instead, it tends to get mixed in with the ground bud or stick to the sides of the chamber.

After grinding, carefully unscrew the lid off of your grinder. Be gentle, as ground cannabis can fall out of your grinder if it is stuck to the top, or if the grinder is being held unevenly. Simply load your ground cannabis up into your joint or pipe and enjoy!

Grinders can differ in shape, size, price, and functionality. The style of grinder you choose will depend on your needs and your budget. For those looking for maximum portability and cost efficiency, a small two-chamber grinder may be best. Whereas those looking for power and speed may be better off investing in an electric grinder.

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