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marijuana seed germination kit

Add the beneficial fungi and bacteria from the kit to the cultivation soil. Thanks to these fungi and bacteria, the roots become stronger and more efficient and are more resistant to plant diseases. All this will ensure a strong and healthy plant and a higher yield!

The contents of the starter kit is suitable for 5, 10 or 20 marijuana seeds / plants.

Since the roots are the basis of your plant, it is important to stimulate the production and growth from day 1. Thanks to our Spongepot germinating medium, your marijuana seeds will germinate faster. The roots grow much better and you can easily repot the seedlings without damaging the roots.

EUR 35,00

  • Seeds germinate easily, quickly and tidy
  • Seedlings are easy to repot
  • Your plants are more resistant to disease
  • Nutrients are absorbed more easily
  • Your plants are more resistant to dehydration and temperature fluctuations
  • Higher yield

Get acquainted with our personally developed Healthy Roots Starter Kit. This kit contains 3 very powerful growth products: Spongepot, Mycorrhiza fungi and Rhyzo bacteria / Trichoderma fungi. Indispensable for healthy growth of your marijuana plants!

Benefits of the Healthy Roots Starter Kit

Do you want your marijuana plants to grow perfectly and thrive with a maximum harvest? Then you will require more than just water and light. To achieve an optimal harvest, we have put together a combination of 3 unique growth products. These growth products are also available separately in our webshop.

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The total height with the domes in place is about 5” – with interior growing space of about 4.5”.

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3. Window Garden Seed Starting Kit

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The three basic elements required for successfully germinating seeds and nurturing the young plants through the seedling stage are a warm environment, constant moisture and a viable seed.

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