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Why does it benefit your plants to start with a smaller pot, then move up in size as it matures?

Secondly, transplanting causes the plant to produce feeder roots. Feeder roots are smaller shoots that uptake water and nutrients from the soil. Starting in a smaller pot, and then moving to a larger one creates a healthier, sturdier, root ball from the get-go.

Training and Topping

Depending on what medium you use, the time for feeding can vary. Some pre-amended soils can last about a month, where some will last about 1-2 weeks, and if you’re in a medium like coco-coir, I’d suggest feeding within the first week of life.

Growing auto flowers can be an exception to this rule, because transplant shock can occur if not transferred delicately. You can transplant autos if you have experience, and are careful, but it can be easier to start your autos in the pots you plan to finish in.

Having experimented with a ton of different nutrient brands previously, for this run, Earth Juice Sugar Peak lineup was used. One of the great things about Sugar Peak is it’s a one-part liquid nutrient system. This means that technically you don’t need to mix any other nutrients together to take a grow from start to finish. You use Sugar Peak Vegetative during veg, Transition for transition, and so on. This makes the process a lot easier than having to mix 5-7 different solutions for a single feed. Although this is a one-part system, 2 extra solutions were added to the feed: Oilycan, which is a Calcium-Magnesium supplement that has no nitrogen meaning you can run it later into flower and Xataylst, which is a blend of molasses, kelp, bran, and yeast. These aren’t strictly necessary to run with the sugar peak lineup, however, it certainly can benefit your grow, if you don’t mind adding 1 or 2 extra solutions to your feed.