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marijuana seed finder to buy

Having established the level of quality within an online Cannabis seed shop, you can allow yourself some fun experimenting with certain strains that you are not familiar with.

Your first basic step would be to check out info about any online Cannabis seed bank. Before you consider buying from them. It would be a great idea to find out whatever you can about the various Cannabis strains that they offer for sale.

Also important is which payment methods are offered on the website of any online Cannabis seed shop. In areas where Cannabis is not yet a fully legal substance, bitcoin should be the exclusive payment method because it is the most anonymous way of paying for anything online.

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The first thing you’ll want to evaluate about any online Cannabis seedbank you’re considering buying from is their available strain types. Not all particular strains that you may want to buy are necessarily available at all online Cannabis seed banks. collects and standardizes information about thousands of cannabis varieties. We offer an interface for cannabis breeders, seedbanks, cultivation and hemp-forums, communities, growers and cannabis-enthusiasts all around the world. With the help of our SeedFinder-System – especially made for this purposes – we are able to collect all important information about indiv >Important: The SeedFinder is not a shop , we do not sell any cannabis seed and are not addicted to a breeder or shop.

Our SeedPolice is monitoring seedbanks and collects information about reliability, service and shipping of this shops. Here you can find 288 Shops at the moment. 46 are also integrated into the SeedFinder, including offers and actual prices.

We collect the main grow- and plant data directly from the grower with our multilingual Strain Review Function. Onto this way we can standardize grow-info, tips and tricks, smoke reports and valuations for the different varieties – and even for their phenotypes.


What’s the Best Marijuana Seed Bank?

It’s scary ordering cannabis seeds online for the first time, and it’s really important to make sure you get your seeds from a trusted source! Not only will that help ensure your safety and security, but it also keeps you from getting scammed or ripped off with poor quality seeds or even no seeds!

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What do we use to pay at GWE? I (Nebula) personally use a regular credit card every time I order cannabis seeds online. I’ve also used a debit card, too.