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marijuana seed cracked but theres no sprout

In some rare cases frost during delivery can damage seeds. If your seeds are subjected to freezing temperatures (such as lying outside in a mail box) you should dethaw them slowly. Put them in the refrigerator a couple of hours for this purpose.

Humidity domes are only required for rooting cuttings.

Customers should make sure that they receive their seeds in the original Mandala Seeds packaging to prevent fraud. We cannot guarantee authentiticy for seeds that have been removed from the sealed Mandala packaging. When you purchase our seeds from a reseller you should receive 1st class seeds: mature, healthy colouring, with well-defined mottled skin. If you get seeds that are tiny, greenish/yellow, scuffed, or immature, these are not original Mandala Seeds!

We hope that this guide has been helpful in detecting the probable cause for any problems that you have encountered. The next step would be to run a test under improved conditions. For this purpose it is best to germinate just a few seeds as a trial. If everything goes well you see the results within 7+ days and can germinate the remaining seeds with confidence. A novice grower will also find this helpful advice before losing all of the purchased seeds on a set-up that requires modification!

The major cause is lack of light. The seedlings are stretching in search of light. This leads to elongated and weak growth. Give your seedlings as much light as possible. Move them closer to the lamp. Put them under an HPS lamp if available. If you are growing near a window move the plants to the sunniest spot or supplement grow time with a lamp. Outdoors you should also provide as much light as possible. Support the seedlings with a stick or looped wire while they regain strength. As soon as they have sufficient light they will grow vigorously.

Honestly you handled beans too much. it hurt the delicate rooting’s hair. i believe it damaged the hairs, lost the vigor to grow. For best thing is to let bean stay in the soil, it will come up in bean’s time or not, who knows.

I know everyone have a different way with germinate beans. For myself , i always have 100% rate of germination.

just soak the beans with tap water for overnight then plant direct into soilless medium, no dome needed. The beans will sprout range from 1 to 10 days. keep surface moist, not dry out and if you see the surface soil is about to dry out , just use spray to mist on it till its moist.