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Hello, I have recently moved to California and am wanting to grow my first marijuana plant now that I live in a legal state. This is purely for recreation just for fun. It seems like dispensary are few and far in between that actually sell seeds and clones are pretty expensive or have to be purchased in bulk. What would be the best way to purchase a few seeds for 1 plant or maybe 1 clone? thank you!

Strictly speaking its not too late to start an outdoor grow, especially if you can supplement with some additional light at night. With just one plant you could have it outside until sunset and put it under a growlight at night. Pick a strain that likes cold nights and you can harvest at the end of October.

r/microgrowery may be a good place to start.

I buy my seeds from the UK via the mail, but if you go onto Craigslist and search for clones in the farm and garden section you will see ads from clone sellers. The search is glitchy because for some reason Craigslist doesn’t want cannabis on the site. so if “clones” doesn’t get you results try “clone.”

ill give yuoi seeds

I'm looking for some high CBD strain seeds for my grandmother who's suffering from arthritis pain, I want to make a salve from it because shes so admit that marijuana is a harmful drug, hopefully I'll prove her wrong.

Go for feminized medical strains so you don't have to mess with culling males. Autoflowering plants is optional depending on what your aims are. If you can get your hands on clones and grow them out, it may be better but seeds are easier to get your hands on.

If it is legal, could anyone recommend me a site? what seed should I buy, there are many strains of high CBD seeds, is there something different from one another in the CBD category??

There are US based and international seedbanks out there where you can order from. I'm in MA where we are legal for recreational and medical use, but I have obtained seeds from out of country and state and have had no problems. That being said, never say never. We may see seedbanks here in MA soon enough.

Totally not an answer to your question and i'm totally not an expert.. But aren't you better off buying CBD oil or something first, maybe fooling her into thinking it's "normal" medicin? I have a feeling she's not al of a sudden gonna smoke bud 😀