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marijuana seed cleaner

I’m a lazy SOB and setting up a typical seed cleaner was too much work for me. So I pulled out my old upright vacuum cleaner, gave it a good cleaning, cut the bottom off a kitty litter jug and cut a hole in the lid just big enough to hold the vacuum hose nozzle.

After drying the plants, I rubbed the buds through 1/4 inch hardware cloth to remove most of the sticks. Once that was done, I used this.

Worked great and can do it on the kitchen table (when the wife isn’t here. lol)

This seems to be the right size jug.

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*note, I am not using the Kirby vacuum pictured. There is a brand new, 1 gallon, wet dry vac behind the seeder.

We made one of these about two years ago. It's saved at least a hundred man-hours since. Probably much more than that.

OP is a breeder I take it. What's something interesting that you have in the closet?

How does this work

You have no idea how many times I thought that while making it lol.