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marijuana seed box

First of all, whichever delivery method you select for your cannabis seeds, you can expect your package to arrive looking a lot like this from the outside:

What is their packaging like? Bullet-proof plastic box, with a string to fix it to your keychain. Once devoid of the sacred chain, it can be used as a priceless compact case, to carry both depth charges and lighter extractions.

Packaging Information

What is their packaging like? Rolling paper packs. Of course, a stoner of such astral dimensions could only give its packaging the shape of something he knows very well. To complete the riddle, the package carries a real rolling paper pack and some cut cardboard for gauzy filter tips.

We always welcome any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to contact us should have any questions at all. We look forward to hearing from you!

For extra stealth and speed, we also offer Courier Stealth Delivery. This option is only available as a Building Block Toy Stealth Delivery (selected for its extra security, as the package will be inspected during collection). Our Courier Stealth Delivery method is more expensive, but arrives between only 2 – 4 days from the despatch date.

The main reason for the new metal packaging is to avoid crushed seeds and improve the safety of the seeds during transport and storage for customers.

Dutch Passion are often asked about the wisdom of storing seeds in the freezer. Storing seeds in a freezer is not recommended unless you are a professional seed bank hoping to store seeds for decades in a completely undisturbed state. Frozen seeds are vulnerable to terminal shatter damage to the delicate internal seed tissues through accidental impact shock. For the home grower, the best way to store your seeds is in a fridge using the Dutch Passion seed tin, in the sealed polymerised seed envelope.

The new Dutch Passion seed tins have a hinged lid. On the lid is a transparent window so you can see the internal seed packet. The tin has a metallic foil seal and has the Dutch Passion name stamped physically into the lid, this makes it quite unique and distinctive. One of the extra benefits of the new Dutch Passion packaging is to make it impossible for fake Dutch Passion seeds to be sold in counterfeit packaging. Although this wasn’t a major problem, some of the larger seed companies have been concerned about the increase in low quality counterfeit seeds in recent years. Dutch Passion customers receiving their seeds in the new packaging, with a foil-seal on the box can rest assured that they have genuine Dutch Passion seeds.

Online cannabis seeds with the best quality packaging.

The old, original paper seed packets may have been collectors items for some people, but many customers also felt that their favourite seeds deserved a better quality, sturdier, packaging. The Dutch Passion team listened to the feedback, and over the last couple of years several designs were evaluated before the new metal tin design was voted the strongest, smallest and best.