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Tired of scrolling through Netflix and Amazon in the hope that you may, eventually, find a film you can enjoy? It’s a curse we all know well. So make your way through this list (we assure you, they .

Hi, my name is Ophelia. I’m the founder and CEO of Stock Pot Images, a stock photo agency that specialises in cannabis-related imagery, including photography, video, and illustration. We are trying .

The Top 10 Movies To Watch While High

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit substance in the world. And, while it might be considered safe by many, weed can cause some side effects that you need to be aware of. Read on to learn mo .

Tattoos hurt. That’s well known by now. However, it may be that CBD can help with this. Below, we investigate the endocannabinoid system’s relationship with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Then, w .

Is hemp biofuel the best solution to the world’s environmental problems? Or is it all hype? This article should provide some answers to those questions.

Microdosing started out as a way to take tiny amounts of psychedelics to boost cognitive function. Cannabis lovers soon adopted the method and started taking little quantities of THC. Now, many peo .

What if we told you that something in your kitchen cupboard could seriously benefit your cannabis plants? Molasses is a type of syrup packed with key minerals that help weed plants thrive and achie .

Rockwool is a great medium for growing marijuana. You can take your strain of choice through the whole cannabis life cycle with rockwool. Growers of all levels, using a variety of hydroponic setups .

Can you become addicted to cannabis? Some people become dependant quite quickly, whereas others smoke for years while always maintaining a healthy relationship with the plant. THC definitely create .

The Rise of CO₂ Extraction in the Cannabis Industry

Plants need light, water, and CO₂ to conduct photosynthesis and create energy. By boosting levels of light and CO₂, you can increase the productivity of this process, leading to faster growth, bigg .

While foxtailing itself bears no harmful effects, it may indicate that your bud is going through a beating, and could lose a good amount of potency in the process. If it is happening in an unnatura .

Reusing old soil can save you money and improve overall soil quality. Rehabilitating old soil for reuse when potting or potting-on can have a number of advantages. Learn more about them here.

Hello, my name is David Bienenstock. I’m a veteran cannabis journalist and the author of “How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High”. It is an irreverent look at the history, sc .